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It’s here. It’s finally here. The last BIGLIST seo blog reviews post of 2007. In all, we’ve reviewed over 700 SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing blogs with only 400 or remaining. Who made this final BIGLIST post of the year? Read on:

  • Digerati Marketing – UK based Mark Cook uses a blog as his company website and writes about all aspects of marketing online ranging from viral marketing to search engine optimisation (yeah, with an “s”) and some white/black hat for good measure.
  • Stomper Blog – A new blog from Andy Jenkins and the team at StomperNet starts with a bang using entertaining and clever SEO tips on video packaged as “Going Natural 2.0”. It’s a straightforward strategy, albeit very nicely packaged, of giving away content as part of their efforts to promote Stomper Scrutinizer software.
  • Winning the Web – There’s plenty of “make money online” sites out there and some are puff and some offer a few good nuggets. Many search marketers focus on content optimization and links, neglecting the need to promote content. This blog by agency SEO Gyutae Park provides site promotion tips and ideas ranging from contests to usability tips.

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  1. Thanks for the addition, Lee. It’s an honor to be included on your list.

  2. I must agree .I have been following the top two sites for my personal use for a while, really informative.Can any someone tell me the best SEO techniques used in 2007 !!?!!

  3. Digerati’s is well deserved. OK, there’s the little ethical question about cookie stuffing in a recent post, but that is addressed appropriately.