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Facebook on the Ropes?

Damn, it was a tough weekend for Facebook on the publicity/blogosphere front. With Beacon blatantly selling out Facebook users’ privacy whether they’re logged in or not has nowhere else to go but controversial.

A platform built on community now making more aggressive efforts to monetize that community and not being honest about it smacks of downward spiral. But that’s just me. Here are thoughts from others you might be interested in:

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Star Tribune (Jackie Crosby) – Bloggers seeing red over Target’s little secret

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Influential Marketing (Karl Long guest post for Rohit) – Facebook Jumping the Shark –

Mind you, I didn’t look for any of these stories, they just popped up in the various news sources I pay attention to. What’s your take on Facebook Beacon? Is this a blip like the announcement about sharing friends’ feeds or is it much, much more?

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  1. They got the traction because they were a clean platform. What they have done is not correct. But there problem is also genuine.

  2. Avatar Dwayne Lattimore says

    That’s truly terrible to hear about Facebook! This guy should’ve sold the compnay when he had the chance! I’ve heard rumors that he was offered close to a billion dollars for his company and refused saying that it wasn’t enough money! If this holds truth, what will eventually happen is that he’s going to have to well below his expectations. This may be a good deal for investors looking to hit the jackpot on someone else’s misfortunes. Then again, who’s going to want to walk into troublesome issues do to illegal privacy solicitation. Good Post!

    Dwayne Lattimore

  3. I think contrary to a lot of bloggers posts, Facebook will continue to grow – users love how easy it is to get in contact with everyone they know with minimum effort. Yes, there are a few privacy issues but personally I don’t I mind my friends knowing what I have purchased (unless it is a gift for one of them, which could pose an issue but how often will that happen?) We’ll have to wait and see, but many of the larger companies (Ebay, Paypal etc.) have had big issues and managed to overcome them.

  4. Avatar Linda Oswalt says

    If you go onto a public site and you pour out you whole life to the public what do you expect. The public will have it anyway . So someone made a few bucks selling your information you gave out freely anyway sooooo what. I don’t post anything on the entire web system that I want to keep secret anyway.If you just want your friends to view your information just sit down and write them a letter and send it to them snail mail…