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Frozen Sunrise Lake Minnetonka

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The great thing about winter in Minnesota when you’re in a computer/indoors intensive profession, is that there aren’t as many distractions to go outside. Compared to all the snow and ice, back link analysis and code optimization seems pretty appealing.

I’m not sure how many of our readers are in warm climates, but I thought I’d share a few chilly Minnesota photos from today:

Frozen Morning on Lake Minnetonka
Lake Minnetonka on the way into the office in the am. I really shouldn’t be taking pictures and driving at the same time. 🙂

Ice Houses on Lake Minnetonka
The two ice fishing houses on the lake outside our office. Besides the satellite TV, they’re probably outfitted with an easy chair, refrigerator, card table, hot plate and wireless internet. Oh, and probably a small fishing rod – you never can tell.

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  1. Very nice shots…though it reminds me of why I moved from MN to California!

    Go Vikings!!!

  2. Lee you need a hydraulic fish house like this. they are on sale for only $15,385

  3. Love the fact that it has a satellite dish mounted on the roof. I suppose they have a generator inside for power (unless they’re using solar panels). I wonder if perhaps the satellite dish is for internet connection and they are blogging and ice fishing at the same time.

  4. Avatar Thomas McMahon says

    Yea, I love that dish. It make ice fishing look a bit more appealing.

  5. Avatar David Murray says

    Ah yes this reminds me of home. My wife and I used to live in La Crescent, MN before moving to AZ. Miss this a bit. Though I don’t miss shoveling it.

  6. I’m in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin right now and the wind here is so bitter! It’s bad enough to be cold – but with the wind it’s so much worse. It’s no wonder Wisconsin people are such avid football fans: they all stay inside practically all winter watching football on TV (unless they’ve had a couple brewskies and dare to take themselves outside).

  7. Avatar John Tomlinson says

    I found this looking for ice fishing information. I must work just a little bit east of you and see the same thing every day I drive by!

  8. The lakes are a nice drive in any season.

  9. I love the fish houses, especially the one with the satellite. I can’t get dish service at my house, because of the tree line. Should we pray for cold weather all year and move on the ice then? Sorry, I’m half Norwegian.

  10. Avatar Steve Barone says

    Hey there,
    I’m doing an ice fishing video for explore minnesota and was wondering if you could tell me what side of the lake these houses are located…

  11. Hi Steve, we are in Spring Park on Hwy 15/Lake Shore Drive near the Lake Minnetonka Yacht Club and The Myst condos.

  12. Avatar Steve Barone says

    Thanks awesome!!

  13. My father grew up near Lake Minnetonka and I heard about it all my growing up years. Thanks for sharing this beautiful scene .


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