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We get lots of links recommendations daily from friends, industry peers, PR interns who have absolutely no idea what they’re doing and way too many mindless bots. In a moment of weakness as I wait for the opening reception for SIS to start, I thought I’d share a few worthy links from others and a few of our own.

Stairway to Google Heaven – Mel Carson from Microsoft was inspired by the Fishkins Rand and Gillian to write this blog post ode to what search marketing can do for good causes.

he finer points of top rankings – podcast interview with small business marketing legend, John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing and myself on leveraging social media and networking channels such as Twitter, MyBlogLog and StumbleUpon. mp3

Can You Really Learn Search Marketing From a Conference? – Fellow SIS speaker Aaron Goldman seems a little jaded on the value of conferences and then he’s not. Actually, he makes good points about search education being best experienced from a variety of sources and that perhaps the value in conferences is more in the experience than in the education. To that I would cite his earlier comment in the same article, “it’s relative”. Either way, it’s a good read and I encourage your comments.

SES London – Speaking of conferences, I found out today I am speaking on two panels at SES London: “News Search SEO” and “Blog & Feed SEO”, both a perfect match for what we do. Am very much looking forward to the event, seeing friends based in London andd the UK and being involved with a show that includes Mike Grehan. Now the question is whether anyone from TopRank is coming with me…..

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  1. Nice nuggets, thanks! I hope you meant comment on your blog about Can You Really Learn Search Marketing From a Conference? and not MediaPost’s. In order to comment you have to register, which I don’t mind, but the registration form asks for everything except your social security number.

    No, to directly answer the question. I think you need to have at least a basic understand of search marketing to get anything out the sessions. So you don’t really learn search marketing at conferences you just add to your knowledge and supplement your skills. I’m sure even a search veteran like yourself gets something out of the conferences.

  2. Yes, I meant to comment here. I think you make a good point: A person should have some basic knowledge about search before attending a conference. The sessions and networking best serve to build upon what’s already there.

    Yes indeed, I get a lot out of conferences: knowledge, prospective clients, marketing partnerships, content, competitive intelligence, business networking and friends.

    Hope your new gig is treating you well Dave!