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Do Your Keywords Account for Local Vernacular? SES Chicago Session

Different regions of the country have very different ways of saying the same thing. Maybe it’s because our country is spread across such a large land mass, because we’re a melting pot or maybe it’s because we all love creating new words and coining new phrases.

Whatever the reason, there are various ways to say the same thing and most often the word chosen is dictated by the region, creating an opportunity for every website to capture more visitors, if they are indeed optimized for the variations.

For example, here are all the different ways one might search for a ‘cabin’ in which to spend some vacation time:
Country house
Log house

Just looking through that list – without my associating words to regions for you – you can probably guess most of them!

Now imagine if you’re trying to get interested vacationers from a different region to book a ‘villa’ on your website, but have only optimized for cabin or lodge or country house.

Your site may very well be missing out on the opportunity to attract relevant traffic.

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  1. Due to the fact that our office serves several states we had to fine tune our ppc campaigns accordingly. In some states they say title agency, in others they say title company.

    Looking over our web logs proved to be very helpful.

  2. It becomes a little more difficult when you don’t have a physical presence in the area you are servicing. Finding the different vernacular can be a lengthy process.