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SES Session: Managing PPC For Multiple Clients

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Managing Multiple PPC Accounts at SES Chicago

“Managing PPC for Multiple Clients” had for me the pleasure of being a “slow-burn” of a session at SES Chicago.

For those unfamiliar with a term I may or may not have created, it means that it did not leave an immediately strong impression on me, until I later was fortunate enough to review the notes I had taken.

The session, moderated by the always exceptional Kevin Ryan featured a panel of:

  • Joe Rosza, President of SEO Columbus
  • Matt Naeger, VP & General Counsel for Impaqt
  • Christopher Upkes, Director of Agency Business Development for Adapt Technologies
  • Craig Macdonald, VP of Marketing for Alliances & Product Management

So what was is it that resonated with me most about this session upon further reflection?

Even more so than the notion of managing PPC accounts, it was the notion of “managing”.

We can sometimes forget in this industry that when dealing with such new methods that we really must focus on managing client expectations each step of the way.

For instance, Rosza brought up a great point when discussing how to offer PPC counsel. PPC, while helping to secure online real estate, is by no means a magic wand towards achieving lagging business goals. Going out on a limb, he challenged attendees to spend time and capital trying to increase results for what’s already converting. In other words, if something doesn’t convert, is it truly the most effective thing to spend your marketing budget on?

In the end, it comes down to knowing your client’s business and knowing your clients’ goals. While keeping these firmly in check, we can make even stronger recommendations based on what we’ve seen work in the past with other clients possessing similar objectives.

Taking this, it’s also important to counsel that in our past experience (and this will nearly always be the case) that nothing happens overnight. Especially with a tactic like PPC, knowledge is gained through experience, testing, and testing again.

By understanding that everything is subject to test before success, and, as Naegar put it, not being afraid to fail as much as you succeed, recommendations to our clients will only become stronger as our methods only become more revolutionary.

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