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SES Session: Podcast and Audio Search

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Oftentimes, the birth of one technology, while dubbed a death-knell or replacement for an existing technology, instead simply means an evolution.

Television, for example, was not a death-knell for film nor for radio. In fact, film & radio have evolved to not only exist in their original environments, but spill over into the newest technical mediums.

The web is perhaps the strongest example of this, as film, television, and even radio have migrated over to this medium.

So was the starting point for my first session at SES Chicago – Day 3 titled “Podcast & Audio Search.”

The session, moderated by Danny Sullivan featured on its panel:

  • Amanda Watlington, Owner of Searching For Profit
  • Daron Rabin, From WebMaster Radio

When attempting to be found or brand yourself using audio content, would you believe the actual physical recording is actually the easy part?

In fact, this process can be outsourced to the experts, namely, the two on day’s panel. 🙂

Far more difficult is the introspective process of planning. One should always begin by asking, before diving into a new tactic such as podcasting, “Is this a strategic business decision, or do I feel like I HAVE to do it, because it seems as though everyone else is?”

Once this is answered in the affirmative, we’re ready to really dive into questions surrounding podcast preparation, such as:

  • Are you willing and able to experience the transparency that a podcast can provide?
  • Will you be doing one podcast, or a regular series?
  • Do you have the resources to do either?
  • What will you name your program?
  • Finally, how will people find it once its created?

With this last question, we get into the real technical meat of this session. As search marketers, we know, as Watlington put it, there is a real challenge towards achieving significant search engine real estate with the birth of universal search.

While SEO may be one of the last items to consider when deciding whether or not to actually plan a podcast, it opens up an entirely new plan unto itself.

Luckily, using proven methods from both the SEO and PR game, we can put together a list of tactics to help ensure success in the medium:

  • Optimize
    Don’t just optimize around audio content, include optimized tags in the title of the program itself. Also, optimize unique landing pages on your site where the audio file can be requested (Note: If your objective is to acquire prospects, ensure that users submit their information prior to listening to the broadcast.)
  • Promote
    Tell your prospects about it through every channel at your disposal – hard links embedded in press releases, blogging, even traditional word of mouth will all help ensure your message is not only engaging – but on its way towards becoming engaging AND popular.
  • Distribute
    Submit your broadcasts to RSS feeds where your message will not only travel farther, but you can track and monitor its performance.

Like most tactics discussed throughout this conference, podcasting as a tactic will be most effective if treated with the same respect as any other – new or old. Before taking the time to act tactically – take the time to think strategically.

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