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Pubcon Session: Blogger Reporter Panel

Posted on Dec 7th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    Blogger Reporter Panel
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    On day three, the last day of sessions at WebmasterWorld Pubcon here in Vegas, I participated on a panel called, “Search and Blogging Reporters Forum” with Rand Fishkin and Andy Beal.

    Mike McDonald
    Moderation duties handled by Mike McDonald. Basically, it was a round table-style discussion about blogging in the SEO industry as well as blogging as a marketing tool. There were some good points about using blogs as a public relations tool as well as some debate about hosting team blogs separately or all under the company domain name.

    Rand Fishkin
    There was some nice back and forth with Andy and Rand plus great questions from Mike and the audience.

    Celebrity Audience: Bill, Lisa, Jane, Tamar

    Fortunately, there was a celebrity crew of bloggers covering this session including Lisa Barone, Tamar Weinberg and Jane Copland so you can read more details on their respective posts.