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Top Online Marketing Blog Posts 2007

A lot of work can go into producing and promoting a popular blog. While we’ve made some progress in terms of raising the visibility of TopRank and have made a tremendous number of connections, I think we’re really only “half way there” as far as where we could be. Using blogs as a marketing and PR tool is a process of planning, execution, measurement and refinement like any other tactic. We’ll continue that trend with new features and design in 2008.

In the past when we’ve posted the most popular blog posts for the year, it was based purely on the number of visits. This time, we’re taking into account a mix of metrics including: visits, inbound links, comments and social bookmarks from services like Del.icio.us and StumbleUpon.

Overall, about 47% of the traffic to Online Marketing Blog comes from search engines, 36% from referring web sites and blogs and a little over 17% via direct navigation. Older posts have more time to attract links and rank well, but as a blog gets more popular, it’s distribution for each post increases.

All that said, the most popular posts were for the most part, from the second half of 2007. Interestingly, one post from 2005 continues to rank in the top 20 content pages, “Lowdown on Press Release Optimization“. Factoring in visits, links, comments and bookmarks, here’s the list of the top ten posts for 2007:

It’s pretty clear that the effect of networking online has been instrumental for generating and promoting content. One interesting thing I noticed is that the posts at the lower end of the top ten list in terms of number of visits (lower) typically had a higher number of bookmarks. With the exception of the top 2 posts offering beta invites, comment counts were fairly specific across the top ten.
The pages above were not the only popular destinations though. The 5 most popular (non-blog post) resources are also some of the top content overall. Here are the top 5:

Since so much of our traffic comes from search engines, I thought readers might be interested in some of the top referring search terms. Here are the top 5 and their rankings on Google:

online marketing – #2
social bookmarking – #4
marketing blog – #1
rss button – #1
blog directories – #3

In a few days, Online Marketing Blog will be 4 years old. It started out as a test, which we are prone to do on regular basis with many types of online communications, and has turned into the most productive PR and marketing component we’ve ever deployed. Not only has Online Marketing Blog been a proving ground for TopRank’s own blog marketing strategies, but also a testbed for tactics we employ with client blogging projects.

Thank you to all of our new readers and especially those who have stuck with us.

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  1. Congrats to the top blogs post… Hope everyone can take the initiative to learn from these top blogs on how they can make their blogs as the top one…

    Chun Ei
    Internet Marketing company since 2000

  2. As someone who has worked solely via word-of-mouth referrals in the past, I’ve seen so many clients who wanted to perform their own SEO campaigns, but had no idea of the depth of research required. Now that we’ve begun publicly offering full-service SEO, I’m sure we’ll be referring many clients to TRB.com for basic SEO advice.

  3. Glad to hear the Top 10 Tips for Landing Pages article was a top post of the hear. Let’s do another for 2008!

  4. Hey Jon, we’d love to do that. Just give Sue a call. 🙂


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