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Search Marketing Blog Awards Announced

Updated! See Below:

Search Engine Journal began announcing the winners of it’s 3rd Annual Search Engine Marketing Blog Awards today. Voting covered 19 different categories ranging from best conference coverage to best SEO blog. With that many categories, I’d be surprised if Loren posted them all in one day. It’s great link bait with this post as a testament. TopRank Blog was nominated in 4 categories which have yet to be announced.

The votes tally was interesting as quantity is not what wins, but quality. In other words, some blogs received far more votes than others, but their average score was lower than those blogs getting lesser votes with a higher average. This should be a consideration for participants next year to guide the way they contact their networks to draw attention to the voting. Congrats to all! I’ll keep a running tally of winners and runners up below as they are announced:

I have to say, the best thing about awards like these is that it draws attention to some great blogs and recognizes the efforts of many of those that put a ton of effort into providing the SEM industry with insights, information, news and tips. The SEJ SEM Blog Awards is a good link bait effort as well and I’m sure it’s done a good job at attracting attention for Search Engine Journal.

In the course of reviewing over 600 blogs for the TopRank BIGLIST covering various aspects of the search marketing industry during the past year, there comes a unique insight into trends and categories people are writing about and reading.

In the case of the SEJ SEM blogs promotion, categories were created with certain blogs in mind to be recognized and that serves a certain purpose. Whether TopRank Blog “won” or not, (we did and we didn’t) is a moot point, although we are very, very appreciative for all the people that took the time to vote for us. Thank you.

I believe that there are many, many categories that deserve attention which were missed. When we review blogs for the BIGLIST, we look at the categories and tags that bloggers use to organize their content. There’s a lot more to the SEM industry than SEO, Affiliate, Local and Social Media.

Therefore, after SES London, we’ll run a TopRank BIGLIST Blog Awards that will involve those blogs that have made the BIGLIST over the past 12 months. Categories will be determined by reviewing all 500+ blogs and identifying the content SEM bloggers are writing about most as well as upcoming trends. What you’ll find with the BIGLIST Blog Awards is exposure to a variety of top notch blog content from many bloggers you don’t typically see promoted on other A List Blogger ‘love fests’.

If you’re a SEM related blog and haven’t made our BIGLIST or have been dropped, be sure to visit the requirements for inclusion and tips on how to get added.

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