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SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry Survey 2008

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The 4th annual SEMPO State of the Search Marketing Industry survey is now open. If you work client side, agency side or independent, be sure to take this survey and make your voice heard.

Online Marketing Blog has a category on SEMPO including observations from the results of previous surveys including: “Search Marketers to Spend $5.7 Billion – 2005” which seems so small now compared to the $18 billion or so.  There’s also,  “SEO More Popular than Paid Search” which was not so much an indication of budget allocation, but of the percentage of companies using SEO compared to PPC at the time.

In exchange for taking the survey you’ll also get an advanced peak at results plus there are a few giveaways including:

  • 8 Gb iPod Touch
  • One free pass to a North American Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference

SEMPO has an official announcement and you can take the survey here.

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  1. SEO is more popular,of course,because of the cost efficiency and it’s more long-term.But now there’s a new player in the game known as “pay per play” which works by playing a 5sec audio ad whenever someone visits your site…you get commissions without that visitor having to click on anything.

    One thing I don’t see many posts on anywhere is media buying…

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this, Lee.

    Was anyone else initially surprised that so many of the questions revolve around paid placement, paid inclusion, banner ads and other online media? I’m not shocked, but would have expected their to be more emphasis on organic optimization; on vs. off page methods. Especially since Social Media will gain so much momentum in 2008.

  3. Yeah, I thought that interesting too Megan. Paid search is where the budgets are though and Mike Grehan says pure SEO is dead anyway 🙂

  4. Interesting article for sure. I’ll add only that it really depends on what one considers to be an SEO shop. Are these the folks that tinker with url structures and meta data exclusively? Do they incorporate, and emphasize social media elements? Do they embrace the intersection of SM, SEM and online PR?

    No one tactic or method is ever going to stay fixed and still yeild results. Of course, the internet is transient in nature and that means that ‘online marketers’ will need to adjust their methods and even their paradigms accordingly.

    I just hope paid placement/inclusion doesn’t end up gaining the lions share of any quality/reputation/authority algorithm. That would be too much to bear! Long rant, signing off 🙂

  5. “Pay per play”?? 🙂
    its really new to me, this a good plan. maybe google can try it.
    thank you for sharing the survey link.