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SEO Tools: Firefox Addons for Search Engine Optimization

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SEO Tool Firefox[Note from Lee: We tend to get a bit heavy on the industry observations and strategy, so a nice tactics/tools post is in order. ]

There are many different tools out there for SEO’s to use on a website. Each one has different features and benefits depending on how you use them. That’s why TopRank provides SEO Tool Reviews from time to time. We showcase different tools that you may or may not know about. Some free, some paid, all good.

The basis of this SEO tool review is Firefox. “Firefox a SEO tool”, you say? Alone, Firefox is not an SEO tool, but there are many extensions and toolbars that can be added to Firefox to extend it’s possibilities past basic web browsing.

What makes Firefox so great?

  • It’s free.
  • It’s secure. If a security issue comes up, the Firefox team plugs it in just a few days.
  • It works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Each version with the same features and functionality.
  • It has a large developer network creating extensions. Most extensions are platform independent too.
  • It is what you want it to be. Between extensions and themes, the user can build a browser that does what they want. It is really all about you.

If you don’t already have Firefox installed, go grab it! As for extending Firefox with SEO plugins, here is a list of 11 tools we either use or have tested with descriptions from Lee:

  • SEOpen – 23 different metrics from back links on Yahoo and Google to Archived pages, whois and checking robots.txt.
  • SEO For Firefox -Aaron Wall’s clever and configurable tool with 13 different signals ranging from domain age and Page Rank to bookmark and .edu inbound links.
  • yExplore – Thomas’ handy tool offering easy right click access to Yahoo Site Explorer info.
  • Web Developer – Adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools including the ability to disable JavaScript, images, and CSS to see what a page looks like in a text browser or for robots.
  • SeoQuake – Interesting tool for analyzing search results and various parameters that may influence SEO.  Work can be saved for future reference or comparison to subsequent measurements.  Don’t overdo it or you’re in trouble.
  • KGen -Keyword generator analyzes a page for keyword frequency and placement. Also offers transfer to clipboard for use when tagging bookmarks.
  • Niche Watch Tool – Checks back links, indexed pages, keyword frequency and several other SEO signals.
  • MetaTags – Offers a side bar menu showing a web page’s meta data, links, keyword frequency and others.
  • Search Status – Highlights nofollow links, back links, indexed pages, Alexa and Compete rankings.
  • Prefbar – Toggle JavaScript, Flash and images as well as spoof user agent.

What are your favorite Firefox addons for SEO?

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  1. yExplore is a great tool thomas. quick, simple and useful, thanks!

  2. This is a great tool i love it

  3. Great list!

    Joost’s SEO Link Analysis tool is a good one, too.

    I also like View Source Chart, which neatly displays the source code of a webpage using colors and tag boundaries.

  4. Search Status is my favorite and really the only SEO addon I use except for header check addons. It’s all right there and doesn’t clutter up SERPS like some of the others.

  5. @ WEBOSIS

    Nice find on that view source one!

  6. SeoQuake can be distinguished from similar projects by a wide range of parameters available for analysis, simplicity of use and also a tool for creation of custom parameters.
    SeoQuake consists of two functional parts. The first one is SeoBar. The second part is the computation of the parameters for search results and its inclusion into search engine result pages – SERPs – for the most popular search engines.

  7. These are all great.

    I’m running a PowerBook G4 with 1.25GB of ram. Using SEOQuake, google toolarbar and stumbleupon have bogged it waaaaay down.

    If you’re going to use more than one of these toolbars, I suggest manually changing firefox’s configuration for faster browsing. Learn more here

  8. Avatar Adam Audette says

    I use 97th Floor’s social media plugin a lot It’s sweet!

  9. Hey everyone, thanks for pointing out these additional tools. Just a FYI: We prefer anchor text links in comments please. Long URLs mess with the layout.

    Adam, I didn’t realize the 97th floor plugin was specific to Firefox or I would have included it. Thanks!

  10. Avatar Adam Audette says

    Hey Lee – check out WP Chunk for gracefully shortening URLs in comments. Very cool plugin.

  11. Thanks Lee, dually noted.

  12. To check out the guts of the html of a page, you may like to use Firebug. Perhaps more popular in the web developers circles, although this is my favourite for getting started on new client sites.

  13. i use only Search Status.

  14. Thanks for the tips!

  15. Pretty good, though apart from Firefox Addon i would recommend Addon for Google Toolbar, they would be very useful for SEO’s as they show alexa rank, total visitors/month of particular website, its rank, and trustability

  16. It’s nice to have a post that gets away from the usual observations and strategies, to focus more on actionable tactics and tools that people can use right away.

    I use a combo of both SEO for Firefox and SearchStatus on my Intel PowerMac. They get along well together, provide all the relevant info I need, and don’t bog down the system at all.

    Good job on this refreshing post! I’ll be sharing it with more than 35,000 readers in my next newsletter.

  17. Great list Lee. Found some good stuff I didn’t know of before.

    -Gyutae Park of Winning the Web

  18. Great List, i personally like seoquake and firebug, gives me all i actually need.

    Client Quick Manager Team

  19. Hey,

    What do you think about Link Diagosis? It lets you see detailed info about your backlinks like PR, anchor texts , link counts etc..

  20. Hi Dear,

    Link diagnosis is also Good Tool, but we can prefer always SEOQualke because seoquake ‘ve got very good Quality system to serve better output.

    Nice info, keep it up.


  21. @Jay: What are you talking about? SEOQuake and Link Diagnosis are for 2 different purposes. SEOQuake is very useful for general stats about the site like number of links, alexa etc. Link diagnosis gives you detailed information about every backlink but takes longer to complete. These 2 tools complement each other very well. Its not that one is replacing the other one.

  22. Cheers, you are a fountain of knowledge. keep up the good work

  23. thanks

  24. I love the SEO for Firefox tool! Thanks for the links

  25. Great List. Thanks for sharing.

  26. And what about Live HTTP Headers? Great tool to check if all redirects are setup correctly.
    Can be downloaded at

  27. good job

  28. I use Firebug the most, my favorite. Use it any time working with CSS. I also use search status, and web developer. Checking out the other ones.

  29. Thanks for the thoughts on SEO and Firefox. It will be nice one day to use all that tiny space around a browser window with important info that one might need.

    Screen real estate is real important… it’s quite an art to make it all fit, as well as a good viewing experience. I don’t want to ‘lose’ any view space, but I want to have access to the stuff I need to quickly check out a site, or a words meaning, translate something, know if I have mail, etc etc.

    Just some thoughts…

    BTW, I am the ‘printable calendars guy’ but if that’s not OK feel free to use my name (Martin H)

    Thanks 🙂


  30. Thanks for the list. I got here via google looking exactly for what the page offers, so you guys obviously did some good SEO. 🙂

    I’d like to add the Search Status extension that shows Alexa and PageRank on the status bar. Takes just a bit of your screen property and it is always visible and handy.

    Here is the link:

  31. Hey great list! My favorite tool has to be the web developer plugin, couldn’t live without it! Some of these look really good though, I going to try out that niche watch tool now. Thanks a lot!

  32. Thanks,good job!

  33. Thanks,good job!


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