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SMX Session: Branding and the 4 Types of Searchers to Target

dsc00447.JPGJust as with Leverage Your Brand Lovers, the “Branding and Search” session gave the SMX West audience much to think about.

Bob Tripathi, Search Marketing Specialist at Discover Financial, reinforced the need to understand your brand as it relates to SEO/SEM.

Brand Recognition: Do searchers recognize your brand?
–ex. McDonalds’ arches are recognized worldwide

Brand Perception: Do searchers know what you do?
–ex. Discover Financial doesn’t just offer credit cards, but they offer a slew of other financial services

Brand Loyalty: Are searchers loyal to your brand?
–ex. Google and its VERY loyal followers

Brand Affinity: Are searchers aspiring to be part of your brand and culture?
–ex. Mercedes and the status associated with the brand

Not every searcher will know your brand, be loyal to it or want to be part of it. But you have a better chance of influencing how prospects and customers view your brand by ensuring you target the different types of searchers.

Bob introduced the audience to 4 Types of Searchers that should be targeted using Discover as an example to show the types of searches they have a chance to engage with if they are found for the correct types of keyword phrases:

Type of Searcher & Example Keyword Phrases
1. Searcher: Research
–Keyword: no annual fee credit card

2. Searcher:  Purchase-Oriented
–Kewyord: credit card application

3. Searcher:  Brand
–Kewyord: Discover credit card

4. Searcher:  Generic
–Kewyord: credit card

Are your keywords currently taking into account these 4 search groups (research, purchase, brand, generic) ?

If not, it might be time to take another pass at the list. 🙂

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