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With the TopRank BIGLIST at over 450 blogs, it can be a more than a challenge to read so many RSS feeds to stay current on SEM industry news. SEO blogs and news feed aggregators can make it much easier to track what’s going on whether its news, tips or events. This post highlights two services that have launched recently including Alltop from Guy Kawasaki and socialblogroll from Nick Wilsdon along with several others.


Launched by Guy Kawasaki, Alltop is based on popurls and shows top stories for selected SEO blogs plus a preview pop up.


Nick Wilsdon launched socialblogroll along the lines of a popurls style blog aggregator, but ranks them according to the number of links identified in blogrolls of the known SEO blogs. The more other SEO blogs link to a certain blog, the higher up it shows. Clever.


While Danny Sullivan’s Sphinn social SEO news community is different than the others on this list in that there’s an actual community, moderators, voting etc, it’s still a great way, some say one of the best, to stay on top of what’s going on in the world of search marketing. Over time a certain set of regulars (users, sites) has evolved but isn’t any more biased than a preset list of blogs.

Original Signal

This blog aggregator offers several topic specific channels including SEO plus a river of news aggregator on the home page. It also offers an Ajax interface that allows you to move blogs around the page, a mouseover preview feature of individual posts and several other options.


SEOmash offers a set selection of blogs with a preview option and the ability to expand the list of post titles.

Search Brains
Search Brains

iEntry, the folks behind WebProNews have offered the Search Brains SEO blog aggregator for several years. Updates occur at set interviews from a large list of blogs which was a lot more useful when updates were made every 15 min or so.

News Now
News Now

UK based News Now offers news feed aggregation on a variety of categories including search engines. Updates occur at certain time intervals from a set list of blogs and other online news sources. There is also a most popular news story feature.

While there are other services like FriendFeed and socialthing! that allow you to share and subscribe to common interests of your network, I wonder if that’s the direction content consumption is going for business news?

What other SEO news aggregators should we have on this list?

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  1. Serph is another tool for tracking SEO buzz http://serph.com/seo among other topics.

  2. Thanks for that Mark, but I’m not sure the Serph search result for SEO really compares to the tools above.

  3. Avatar Nick Wilsdon says

    Thanks for the link to SocialBlogroll Lee. There’s still some changes we need to make on there. For one, we need some sort of penalty when people don’t post for a while, that would make their blog less visible and keep the material fresher.

    It’s a great way of seeing which material is rated within the industry as well. TopRank Blog is the third most recommended blog in the system from 120+ voters. So you’re doing something right over here 😉

    If anyone has suggestions though to make SocialBlogroll more useful, let me know.

  4. I like the idea but that’s was the question I had was how they judge what post a good and what post are not maybe they do a digg style type of thing were the post with the most digg get hiher ranking

  5. Avatar Nick Wilsdon says


    Well Sphinn works in the exact way you describe (listed above)

    With SocialBlogroll we took blogs as a whole but the votes from the 120+ people in the system determine which are listed on the front page. Hopefully that is a form of quality control as well.

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  7. Avatar Nick Wilsdon says


    I’m a big fan of Magpie but in this particular case we’re using a Ruby on Rails parser, slightly adapted to deal with ATOM as well as RSS feeds. We’re relying on auto-discovery to pick up the feed addresses once we have the blogroll URLs.

    It was a good excuse to develop in RoR and I also wanted to try setting up a mod_proxy load balancing environment with multiple Mongrel servers per site. That drastically reduced the page load time.

    Sorry Lee, will stop the geekiness now 😉

  8. Not too bad, i took a look at the social blog roll and liked the design and layout, I guess it just uses a feed teaser to pull the RSS feeds from the sites.

    I use something similar, Magpie RSS Parser http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/

  9. Nick W, your geekiness aka technical intelligence, is entirely welcome and please do continue!

  10. I’m not sure the point of all these SEO News Aggregator sites. You can build your own custom page that does this easily, and not have to rely on someone else’s content, you can make your page exactly how you want it.

    The whole point of getting RSS feeds is so you can read exactly what you want of the web and nothing else. I don’t see the value of sites like AllTop…

    Not sure why this is a trend…?

  11. Avatar Nick Wilsdon says


    Well people have varied levels of technical skill. I know several domainers who are amazingly successful business people but still haven’t worked out RSS. They are very happy to use a site where someone has done the work for them (and spend their time where it will earn them money).

    On your second point though, that is why we tried to do something slightly different from the other aggregators.

    SocialBlogroll is built on a voting system. We update every day from the blogrolls of the 120+ marketers (including quality controlled sources such as the TopRank BigList). At the moment we are including nearly 1000 blogs from the internet marketing community. All these can be searched (vertical search engine) and blog authors can claim their site to add tags. That has given us several niche aggregators, such as PPC, SMO and Link Building.

    Hopefully that adds some value beyond placing 9 feeds on a page.

  12. Thanks Nick, your site is definitely more compelling than simply a list of RSS feeds posted by someone else…

  13. Hi Lee,
    Although not quite fleshed out with all of the blogs I’d like to include, we have an SEO news aggregator at SocialSEO.com:


    Perhaps slightly makes the cut?


  14. Another one – seojeans.com

  15. Brian, there’s nothing at the link you dropped.

  16. Err, thanks Lee. Sorry. Should have been .com instead of .org:


  17. OK, now we have the right link, but Online Marketing Blog is nowhere to be found? Considering it’s on the AdAgePower 150 and all the other SEO blog aggregators, seems surprising to me. Also kind of bold to pitch an aggregator to a blog that’s not included. 🙂

  18. Hi Lee,
    Noted and added. Leaving yours out wasn’t intentional 😉 I’ll see if I can tweak the sorting order to get yours up top.

  19. Hey Brian, are you using some kind of qualitative info to sort the order?

    I wouldn’t want you to arbitrarily put Online Marketing Blog on top just because I whined about not being included. 🙂 Of course I don’t mind it either.

    It’s just that there would be more meaning to being included for all blogs listed if there was an indication of “passing the bar” or, meeting some kind of criteria like links, comments, PageRank, Technorati score or similar. Cheers.

  20. Excellent list, very well created.

    I mostly use your first described list. Alltop’ list seems to be the best one for me and I really like their preview of article function.

    Related to the comment on top of mine :
    @Lee Odden – I guess this qualitative info should be our part, the users of these websites.

  21. Lee … I have an aggregator that I put together too … It’s pretty cool – SEO’s can check out their click through statistics, sign up and have their daily stats emailed to them and find out how they’re measuring up to the rest of the SEO’s blogs that are aggregated on the site …




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