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BIGLIST Update – Search Marketing Blogs 041808

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Good things come to those who wait and dammit, we’ve been waiting a good long time for some new search marketing blogs worthy of addition to the BIGLIST. You can still get updates by following the BIGLIST Twitter account as well. Enjoy!

  • WebmasterRadio.FM – Our friends from WebmasterRadio.FM have joined the cool kids and started a blog. Jody from WMR posts that you can now watch the live video stream, chat with all the other WebmasterRadio.FM listeners, listen to the live audio, and interact with your favorite shows – all on the blog.
  • Advanced Web Metrics – The now ex-Googler web analytics guru Brian Clifton is the author of Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics and this is his blog. Note the blogroll for analytics bloggers.
  • SEM Insights – Laura Callow and on occasion, Mike Tighe, offer some excellent SEM agency insights along with commentary, practical how to’s and news on this new blog that helps promote the SEM Canada Conference.
  • SEO ROI Blog – Gabriel Goldenberg wears his opinions on his blog sleeve and that makes for some interesting and informative reading on all things SEO from keyword research to “greyhat SEO”.
  • Fuel Interactive Blog – This agency blog written in a personal voice by Brian Carter covers the gamut of search and social media marketing topics including sage advice on metrics, tactics and strategies.

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  1. Great list and perfect timing – Advanced Web Metrics right on topic for us at the moment.

  2. great list as usual Lee – you’re bliglist campaign definitely falls into the category of the ‘making others popular’ strategy to make yourself even more popular (http://thefuturebuzz.com/2008/04/15/a-powerful-strategy-focus-on-making-others-popular/)

  3. Much appreciated Lee :). You’re on my list too, obviously.

  4. Wow, thanks Lee! Glad you think so. This also witnesses to the effectiveness of twitter at networking amongst your peers. I’ll have to return the favor. -B

  5. Thanks a lot for this new search marketing blogs. It’s good to know that there are so many excellent blogs on that topic. Thanks for sharing them!

  6. wow. thanks Lee 🙂 … and this is why one needs to have RM – or Google alerts at the very least *blush*. Better late than never, and the badges are ace!