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The New Post Screen Layout in WordPress 2.5

Overall new look and feel for the post screen. Cleaner, more colorful and simplified. Everything is still there, but the layout is different. Getting use to it may take a minute or two, but you’ll end up loving it.

Here are a few of the modifications made to the post screen. Under the image is a listing that describes each number call out.

  1. New menu layout. Main menu options are bigger and on the left. Secondary options smaller and on the right. They are all still there though.
  2. The post window is basically the same, however they did add in a media bar. The media bar lets you post audio, video, images and other sorts of media. The image uploading is now up here too which makes it much more convenient. This is a great addition for all content publishers.

BIGLIST Marketing Blogs Update 040408

SEO Blogs

I discovered several of the blogs on this week’s BIGLIST SEO blogs update via all the new Twitter followers we’ve been getting at the leeodden and the BIGLIST accounts. Welcome to all of our new friends! 70% of the blogs queued up for review this week didn’t make it to the list, but what we do have is a nice mix of social media, SEO and online marketing topics for you to choose from:

  • Jacob Morgan – A nice mix of social, viral, SEO and marketing strategy from the founder of the SF Search Marketing Salon.
  • Audette Media Blog – Adam Audette has a new blog for his internet marketing consulting business and while it’s a very new blog, we’re adding it to the BIGLIST because if it evolves into anything like what Adam does on LED Digest, it’s sure to be a hit. Check out the link building primer.