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Update: Top SEO Blogs by RSS Subscribers

Online Marketing Blog manages a list of over 500 search marketing blogs called the BIGLIST, but it’s not ordered other than alphabetically. A year ago I took a sample of SEO and SEM blogs that were publishing Feedburner counts and posted a list ranked by the number of RSS subscribers. Below is a re-ordered list of search marketing blogs by RSS subscribers as of today:

Matt Cutts

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Land


Search Engine Roundtable

Online Marketing Blog

Search Engine Guide

Marketing Pilgrim

Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Get Elastic

SEO Scoop


Small Business SEM

SEO Pedia

I decided to take John Battelle out since he really never writes about search marketing, just the search engines. Are there other SEO or SEM blogs that have at least 1000 RSS subscribers AND that are using/publishing Feedburner subscribers we should add?

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  1. Hjörtur Smárason says:

    It would be interesting to see how many are subscribed to Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land and SEOmoz who all have about 25.000 subscribers. Are they the same 25.000?

  2. Matt McGowan says:

    Nice stats – couldn’t help but point out the other SEW feeds:

    1. Search Engine Watch Feed (Home Page) – 28,322
    2. Search Engine Watch Forums Feed – 1,949
    3. Search Engine Watch Experts Feed – 1,133

  3. Hjörtur, that is a very good question. I am not sure how we would do that since RSS subscriptions are pretty much anonymous.

  4. Hi Lee,

    I would consider adding blog storm (http://www.blogstorm.co.uk/). Patrick is in the UK but he has close to 2200 subscribers.

  5. Thank’s Khalid, BlogStorm has been added!

  6. Thanks for the feed counts Matt, no doubt SEW has a huge reach. This list is of course blogs by RSS feed subscribers and not regular content (sans comments, trackbacks) with a feed attached to it.

  7. Great idea for a post, Lee. How about Website Magazine – 2,968 subscribers today. BTW – thanks for the Twitter follow!

  8. Mike Huang says:

    I wish one day I can top those stats 😀


  9. We cover search a lot (but also ecommerce in general) and have between 2500 and 3000 RSS subscribers usually. http://www.getelastic.com

  10. Love stat stuff. Nice list, thanks for posting it. Really interesting to see how fast the numbers drop off after you get past the gigantic numbers. Makes a list like that actually reachable for some in the future with some hard work.

  11. Barry Schwartz says:

    Yup, SELand, SERoundtable, and others all have multiple feeds. In fact, SERoundtable has two blog feeds (a full and short feed), plus forum feed, video feed, recap feed and so on. I believe Lee just took the largest feed count from the largest feed, which works.

  12. You bet Pete – the Magazine blog seems very focused on general online news and I may have to put that one up to a vote as a “SEO blog”.

    Barry is right, many of the blogs above have multiple feeds, so I thought I’d simplify things and just use the main feed for each blog.

    Jason, it looks like you do indeed cover search optimization topics a great deal of the time and therefore GetElastic will be added.

    Also, this list only includes those feeds being pushed out via Feedburner AND that are making the subscriber counts public. Otherwise, the subscriber counts wouldn’t be displayed this way and dynamically updated all at the same time from the same source.

    That means top SEO blogs like SEOBook are not on the list, but are indeed, “top” SEO blogs.

    If anyone knows a way around that, let me know.

  13. Thanks for the listing but the blogstorm link is broken.

  14. Fixed!

  15. AskApache.com is about there, but his seo is all on the down-low. Thanks for the OPML file dude, you are awesome.

  16. Thanks for the stats. This is a great post and good to see some of the top SEO blogs all in one place. Hoping to be there one day.

  17. MarciDesign says:

    As usual…. Lee this is great information!

    Marci 🙂

  18. Thanks for compiling this info in one convenient list…like the others, I appreciate the stats!

  19. Lee, this list is awesome and even though I’ve got all but two of those in my feeds, thanks to your list I’ve now got those two as well.

    Now I’m going to root around in my desk and try and find the time to actually read them… Heh.

  20. Felicity says:

    What about SEOptimise?

    Readership varies but they have good quality content and some posts by Patrick Altoft.

  21. They have all done years of hard work to get to this stage. The enormous subscriber list otherwise cant be built. Keep the great contribution up. You are all, specially search engine watch, making my (and others’) life a lot easier.

  22. Felicity, SEOptimise doesn’t quite break the 1,000 barrier.

  23. Thanks for the addition Lee. Our uber blogger Linda does deep dives into SEO topics all the time. We are targeting 5k+ subscribers this year – it only took 12 months to get to 3k.

  24. I’m surprised Marketing Pilgrim doesn’t have more subscribers. They have such a friendly, conversational way of delivering the news.

  25. Adrienne, this surprises me too cos I dig ’em so much, but that’s still heaps.

  26. Great list!

    Could you add the HubSpot Internet Marketing Blog to the list in the future? Currently has 3,026 RSS subscribers.



  27. Thank you for the list!

  28. @Adrienne & Judd—Why, thank you! We love you, too. Our numbers were depressed for a bit due to a FeedBurner/Netvibes reporting error, but we’re bouncing back now that their reporting is back online. Of course, we’re not in it for the numbers and the fame, but it sure doesn’t hurt 😉 .

  29. “OPML file” the link is wrong.
    Should be http://,not “http://www.http.com//www.toprankblog.com/tools/seoblogsbyrss.xml”

  30. Thanks for the heads up icelee – the link has been fixed.

  31. Great list lee and thanks for putting this together, gives me something to aim for 😉


  32. Would love to see PPC Hero (www.ppchero.com) added…we have just a shade over 1,000 subscribers!

  33. i see one blog that has 6 billion subscriber. is that true? or some kind of tweaking(manipulating) the code?


  34. Hi Lee,

    I made lists like this one, for different niche markets, on feedcounts.com (and will add more in the near future)
    Your blog is featured on the “Marketing Blogs” list, where you will also find a link to your very valuable “Big List”.

    Hope you like it.


  35. Jeff Przybylski says:

    Wow, how nice it would be to be at the top of any list with over 40k readers! Note to self: get over 40k readers of your blog.


  36. Personally am a fan of Matt Cuts and SEOmoz. I think they are great


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