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What Conferences Are You Attending?

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Jeremiah Owyang posted recently asking his readers what conferences they would be attending in the coming months and I thought that would be a great question for Online Marketing Blog readers as well.

Over the past 3 years we’ve been focused on search marketing conferences but have expanded more into direct marketing, interactive and PR. We’ll continue that trend the rest of this year but with more conferences outside of search as our online marketing agency evolves.

Conferences that I’m attending in the coming months include:

Personally, I try my best to limit conferences to one per month and those I am speaking at. The above list is not comprehensive for the TopRank team of course, since we do typically blog most SES and SMX conferences. We’ll definitely be at SMX Advanced this year as well as SES Chicago in December. It just won’t be me that attends. There are several other events that I may attend or speak at, I’m just not confirmed that far out.

There are many other great conferences with programming that touches on search, social, interactive and PR the rest of this year. What conferences are you attending in the coming months and remainder of 2008?

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  1. Today EconSM, tomorrow Musexpo. Both in Los Angeles.

  2. Avatar Jon Kelly says

    I was just revieiwn my confernce doc. Here it is:
    RBC Capital Markets Technology – August 08
    SES San Jose – August 08
    SMX East – Oct 08
    Ad:tech NYC – Nov 08
    PubCon – Nov 08
    SES Chicago – Dec 08 (maybe)

    I’m bummed to be missing SMX Advanced, that’s my favorite show now.

  3. Avatar robin seidner says

    Hi Lee,

    I am going to:
    May: WOMM-U in Miami
    June: BMA International Conference in Vegas

  4. SMX Advanced – June 08
    SES Travel – July 08??
    SES San Jose – August 08
    SMX East (maybe) – October 08
    PubCon – November 08

    There may be a few sprinkled in there – depends upon what speaking pitches/requests work out 😉


  5. Thank you Victor, Carrie and Jon. Much appreciated. I really want to get to a SMX event, but they always seem to conflict with others I speak at. Jon, another show your might consider in Dec is Search Insider Summit.

  6. Lee…I come at this from more the content/publishing side, so here are mine.

    May – American Business Media Spring Meeting
    June – Web Content 2008 in Chicago
    July – ABM B2B Breakfast on Content Marketing (Date TBD)
    Nov – Ad:Tech NY

  7. I’ll be at SMX Advanced in June.

  8. Thanks Joe, Adrienne and Robin! I haven’t been to a ABM or BMA event before.

  9. What great timing, Lee! Today, 4/29, is the last day for the Early Bird pricing at SES San Jose. I’ve been vacillating and need to decide today.

    Attending: SMX Advanced in Seattle

    Considering: PubCon & BlogWorld

  10. Hi Lee, I will be attending SES Toronto in June, this will be my first SEO Conference and I’m very excited about it, I will get to know many big SEO fish I read every day.

  11. Ideally, it’s looking like:

    SMX Advanced in Seattle – Jun
    SES San Jose – Aug
    SMX East – New York – Oct
    Pubcon Las Vegas – Nov

    Having said that it’s been so busy that I may have to limit this to SES San Jose and possibly SMX East. I wouldn’t mind attending Blog World in Vegas. Anyone heading to SES Toronto?

  12. I just attended SMX Social in LB

    WebVisions – May 22-23, Portland, OR
    SMX Advanced – June 3-4 Seattle, WA
    Internet Strategy Forum Summit – July 17-18, Portland, OR
    Inverge 2008 – September 4-5, Portland, OR

  13. Thanks Dana for the reminder on early bird pricing for SES San Jose. Still seems so far away.

    Jody and Gary, those are some serious conference schedules. The Internet Strategy Forum looks really good. Mike Moran is speaking at that one.

    Gary, you are very fortunate to have so much available to you in your area. Such is not the case in Minneapolis.

  14. SMX Advanced – June 3-4 Seattle
    SES Toronto – June 16 – 18
    Fish-Con Muskoka – August 1 – 14 (vacation at family cottage)
    SES San Jose – August 18 – 22
    SMX East – October 6 – 8 New York (Oct 5 is my 40th birthday)
    PubCon – November 11 – 14 Las Vegas
    SES Chicago – December 8 – 11

  15. Hey Jim, I like the first August trip, that sounds nice. So we’ll expect you’ll get into the conference around 4pm on day 1 of SMX East? 🙂

  16. I am attending Marketing Conferences here in the Philippines. That when I was a student.

  17. @Lee – I know I am a bit late to this thread that said looks like you forgot that you are speaking at SES Toronto on June 17th! Actually the session I am most looking fwd to:

    Track: Advanced
    TWITTER: Ultimate Time Waster, or Great Tool?

    How many followers do you have? How many do you want? Bloggers are dropping like flies and micro-blogging is taking the world by storm. How should you be incorporating the ultimate time waster? Is it worth it? Hear from experts in the field on the who, what, where, and when of the latest in social connecting and marketing.

    * David Snyder, Search Strategist & Marketer, JRDunn
    * Lee Odden, CEO, TopRank Online Marketing
    * Chris Winfield, President, 10e20, LLC


    See you there – Matt

  18. @Matt – Thanks for the notice about Lee speaking on Twitter! I signed up months ago and didn’t Tweet or follow until yesterday, thinking it was a time waster. After seeing a post on http://www.getelastic.com/facebook-pages-reviews/ describing how online retailers can use FaceBook and Twitter effectively, the light bulb came on!

    Zappos is a great case study for effective Twitter marketing: http://twitter.zappos.com/start

    Next to follow Lee and see how he utilizes the tool!

  19. thHey Matt, You might want to check your dates as I wasn’t confirmed to speak at SES Toronto until May 7th and this post is dated in April . 🙂

    If Twitter doesn’t get their infrastructure act together REALLY soon, there may not be much to talk about except give a a Twitter eulogy.

  20. @Lee ah… makes sense now. As for Twitter, tell me about it – its killing me slowly, way to much down time… I hope they are working on it, their VCs must be having some sleepless nights!

  21. Hey, don’t forget about SEM Canada, September 4th and 5th in Calgary, 2008!