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Going by the last month of updates, we’re now updating the BIGLIST of SEO blogs every second Friday. That should give us more time to filter out the better sites for inclusion. Read on at the bottom as there are several reminders on how to get on the list as well as stay on.

  • The Big Wave Blog – Vikram Singh, Ronnie Soud and Melanie Korn contribute their insights on everything from online branding to events to SEO/PPC/Social Media marketing.
  • SEO Woman – Former print journalist Adrienne Doss is now the SEO for an online medical equipment store based in San Antonio. She blogs about internet marketing, SEO and even has a category for ethics – which is refreshing to see.
  • Your SEO Mentor – Working from the comfort of home, Garrett Pierson endeavors to share his search engine optimization knowledge with the world through this blog containing a mix of SEO tips, resources and even a SEO baby contest.
  • Tony Adam – As a SEO practitioner that also focuses on social and viral marketing, Tony blogs his thoughts and opinions as well as tips about search engine optimization, evangelism of SEO and social media.

Impressive! Now don’t keep the good news all to yourself, share! Get the Badge.

How to get on the BIGLIST? Getting on the BIGLIST is not typically a matter of sending us an email and asking, although a few have slipped in that way that we were planning on adding any way. The way to get on the BIGLIST of SEM blogs is first, for us to notice you. That typically happens when we see your blog in the blogroll of another blog that’s already on the list or we see content being submitted from your blog to social news and content sharing sites like Sphinn, StumbleUpon or Del.icio.us.

How do you stay on the BIGLIST? Just because you get added, doesn’t mean you get to stay. We review all blogs on the list every 2-3 months and during that time will drop an average of 100 blogs from the list. Why? Not posting at least once every 1-2 weeks, posting a majority of content un-related to SEO, search and online marketing or when sites move, change URLs or just plain die.

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  1. lee – will sending you swag get someone on the list? 😉

  2. Thanks Lee!

    We are thrilled to make it to the BIGLIST and will be displaying our badge soon.


  3. It’s obvious that I’ve got a long way to go.

  4. Avatar Ruthrbns says

    It is a great list of SEO blogs having high rank and would help a lot to SEO experts and marketers.Thanks for this great work. Very interesting blog.

  5. I like Tony Adam’s blog – really good 🙂