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SES Toronto: Deep Dive into Twitter

I’m back from SES Toronto and wanted to share the presentation on Twitter with readers that weren’t at the show. Fellow presenters @davesnyder and @chriswinfield did a great job and the audience received a deep drill down into many aspects of Twitter.

In the end, Twitter on it’s own and with it’s uptime issues isn’t anywhere near as productive as it is in combination with third party tools like Twhirl, Summize and Twitturly. Return on effort from using Twitter really depends on how you use it. The mileage will vary based on your goals, how much you give and to what extent you use Twitter in combination with other socnets like Facebook, LinkedIn and offline networking.

Here’s my presentation hosted on Slideshare:

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lee; it really does depend on how you use it. Apparently Plurk does the same as that’s where I found out about this through you.

    Best Regards,

  2. Will audio or video be put up for this session as well?

    It would be nice to hear the session that went with this slide show.

    Joel Strellner

  3. You bet Rob, thanks.

    Joel, no audio or video recording was allowed.

  4. Lee —

    You’ve got some great stuff on the blog. Thanks for sharing it. Twitter is something I’m just learning about –so checking out your presentation is enlightening.

    P.S. I’m a Master’s degree student (and full time broadcast journalist) writing a blog as part of a project for a class. If you have time I’d love your input on it — you could even leave me a response ;-)!

  5. You make some excellent points about the optimal ways in which twitter can be used! I have been using twitter for a while now and when I use glyphius to score my communications I have a better draw. The conference sounds like a great informational session. Thanks