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When SEO Isn’t For Increasing Sales

SEO is a hot topic for Online Marketing blog with the most recent posts, “Rushing Your SEO Doesn’t Mean Quicker Results” and “Should Companies Hire Multiple Search Marketing Firms?”. The next in what is becoming a series of insights into SEO is all about optimizing content for situations that really have little to do with why most SEO firms are hired.

There are various reasons for optimizing content to improve search engine placement of a company’s web site content: The most common and obvious reason directed towards increasing web site traffic and leads/sales. SEO is often used for improving online brand visibility as well.

Companies are increasingly sensitive to the public relations benefits of using search engine optimization to improve search visibility such as:

  • Building credibility and thought leadership

Should Companies Hire Multiple Search Marketing Firms?

Hiring Multiple SEM Firms

On occasion TopRank will get calls from prospective clients that ask about hiring multiple SEO agencies in an effort to get the “best of both worlds” in terms of best practices and performance through competition. On the surface, I suppose I could see how someone might think this might make sense but in practice, it really doesn’t.

The “two is better than one” philosophy might work when it comes to getting a second opinion from a doctor or a mechanic but with SEO, the last thing a company needs is two agencies stepping on each other to make on-page optimization recommendations. Even worse are the possibilities for confusion with link building.