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BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 081108

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Welcome to the newest update of TopRank’s BIGLIST of SEO/SEM blogs, chock full of SEO, SEM and Social Media goodness. This week’s crop will help you stay up to date with industry news and the latest how-to’s on social media marketing, search engine optimization and agency online marketing best practices.

  • Forrester Blog for Interactive Marketing – Excellent group blog from Forrester on various aspects of interactive marketing from B2B social media to search marketing to research and industry news.
  • semvironment – Shane Snow and James Zolman write this agency blog about Google centric pay per click, analytics, conversions and other online advertising venues plus they even have their own little BIGLIST of PPC blogs.
  • Frye / Wiles Blog – This is a fun agency blog on web design and internet marketing that proves images can do a lot for a blog post. Topics range from news and observations/opinion to design tools to search engine optimization tips.
  • Emerson Direct Marketing Observations – Tech blogger Marc Meyer writes an interesting mix of social media marketing and direct marketing, or “digital response marketing” as he likes to describe it, for Emerson Direct.

Honorable Mention:

  • OrangeSoda Internet Marketing Blog – Written mostly by Janet Meiners, this small business online marketing agency blog produces some great insights about paid and organic search marketing, just not often enough to get on the BIGLIST.
  • Snoop Bloggy Blog – Humor is the theme here and not SEO or SEM per se. Jonathan Heinl aka, Dance Commander, and a search/social media marketer, has posted as often about a mustache contest as he has about marketing. The unicorn thing though, just don’t click.

There you go. Now subscribe to these fine blogs if you haven’t already and if you are one of these blogs, there’s the BIGLIST BADGE. (link back optional)

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  1. Thank you for adding us to the list.

    My full name is James Zolman – I should change my handle on the blog…sorry for the confusion!

    Keep up the great work – we love the blog…and, of course, the Big List! 🙂

  2. We love being on the list.. thanks a lot Lee – love to see when it’s updated…what a valuable source of info!

  3. Thanks Lee, what a pleasant surprise!


  4. Go Janet Meiners! She recently got married and is now part time. Hope to see more posts from her at the OrangeSoda blog, perhaps this Honorable mention from you Lee will help shift her job description toward more blog posting.

    Or perhaps somewhere else will be assigned to blog in tandem with Janet. Who knows what you may have started here!



  5. Avatar Snoop Bloggy Blog says

    Lee, haha. Thanks for the mention. I’ll see you on PLURK sir.

  6. Orange soda is a ton of hype and not much action. I think the 700 I spent with them on my fist month was a total waste. They don’t return calls. They have staffing issues and only did part of the work after I complained and posted a negative comment. I never got the updates they told me they were going to give me and my page still can’t be found 35 pages deep. Total wast of money


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    […] OrangeSoda got an honorable mention on Lee Odden’s SEO blogs of the week. Odden has a great reputation and is well-respected and recognized in the SEO community. We appreciate (almost) making the list – and will try to blog more regularly! If you’re Happy with this Post let it Show: […]