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SES San Jose: Search Behavior Update

The famous eye tracking heat maps are just the start of understanding search behavior. What about what happens before they get to your site? Or while they are on your site? Search behavior is something a site needs to understand to get more users to their site.

Search Behavior Update Panel

Here are a few of the thoughts shared:

John Marshall

  • It’s hard to get good search behavior update unless you have access to a search engine or HitsLinks.
  • Lots of people look at the keywords area in analytics. This shows a narrow view of activity.
  • We should be using site search data from your website to get visiter intent. This is very valuable.
  • Often times, free data like this is often ignored and it shouldn’t be.
  • Four things that usually go wrong with internal search data.
  • Mixed case (Aa), multiple results pages, usual JS breakage, injected terms (search results as landing pages)

Pavan Lee

  • Search listings has a branding value
  • Paid search listings have a stronger branding impact that organic. Used together, it’s even more beneficial.
  • Key takeaway: Power of three: synergistic branding impact.

Larry Cornett

  • Yahoo really focuses on the search page, but knows that a lot happens before and after a search.
  • People spend very little time on the search page.
  • Users don’t want to do a lot of work to get what they want.
  • Crafting searches is a pain point which is why they have the auto complete queries.
  • People want to to go from todo to done.
  • Using semantic/universal search to help users find more faster.

Bill Barnes

  • The golden triangle very important. This is the paid and organic listing in the upper left of a search page.
  • Tested good and bad paid ads and the result wasn’t much different. The location trumped the ad copy.
  • People can judge the whole result page on the top result or two.
  • Testing has shown a 16% increase in brand association when brand is in top sponsored and top organic spots.
  • Would you purchase from this brand? 8% increase when top paid and top organic listings are achieved.
  • Likelihood to purchase increases by 7% if you have both top paid and organic spots.
  • Eye tracking testing showed fixation on brand in URL and link only, not in the description.
  • Play with your enemies. If they are showing up, you should be too.

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  1. Avatar Charles Fredell says

    I really enjoyed your recap of SES. I’ve started a new company and when I went to SES I thought my head would explode from too much information. Then I went to a party at John Marshall’s Thursday night and it seems all the speakers have a book. So I purchased five books the next day. Thanks for your recap