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SES San Jose: Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO)

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Pixsy Video Search Engine

Earlier today, I attended the session “The Next Wave For Online Video,” which covered some high level insights into video advertising and online video trends. This session focused more on practical tips to get videos ranking in both video search engine and universal search results. Joseph Morin of Boost Search Marketing monitored this session in which five online video optimization experts shared their inside tips and tricks for launching your video to the masses. Each expert had a wealth of knowledge to share, so what follows are some highlights from each speakers’ presentation.

Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder of SEO-PR
Greg kicked off his segment with an old Japanese proverb, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, than every problem is a nail.” His primary criticism of the traditional SEO mindset is that optimization is the go-to response with regards to any type of online promotion. In video, Greg argues, the sharing aspect is what drives traffic. Using two client case studies to underscore his point, Greg hammered home the idea that video sharing is the secret to VSEO success. One key recommendation? Create a customized video widget so bloggers can easily share your videos with their audience.

Chris Norlin, CEO of Pixsy Corporation
Drawing on his experience at the helm of innovative multimedia search engine Pixsy, Chris gave several pieces of easy-to-follow advice on getting your video into the coveted top three search result slots. He recommends focusing on creating rich, optimized Meta data, as many search results still rely primarily on Meta data when indexing videos. Running a video search engine on your website is another useful trick. Not only will it give your site visitors fresh, relevant content, it adds pages to your site that can be further crawled and indexed by search engines.

Steve Espinosa, Director of Product Development & Management, eLocal Listing, LLC
Steve brought the local perspective to VSEO, stating that “a strong call to action is more important than clicks for local business.” One of his many unique ideas involved ensuring your video thumbnail pulls a screen shot featuring your call to action. Google generally grabs a thumbnail image at the 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 point of a video’s running time, so marketers can plan accordingly and place CTA slides at the appropriate time.

Matthew Sheybeler, CTO of Blinkx
As the world’s largest video search engine, Blinkx wields a lot of power in the VSEO world. Unlike traditional search engines, Blinkx actually addresses video content via images and audio transcripts to index videos. Matthew addressed several do’s and don’t’s of VSEO. Do use video sitemaps to submit your videos to multiple search engines. Don’t use flash-only or pop-up video players.

Gregory Markel, Founder/President of Infuse Creative, LLC
Gregory brought up an interesting use for online video in reputation management. “You can own a large percentage of a Google search results page with some clever video optimization,” Gregory claimed. Submitting your video to multiple video search engines via tools such as TubeMogul can result in several search results for one video.

Gregory also had several insights into using YouTube for competitive research, by typing your keywords into YouTube search to find what terms and videos in YouTube are most popular relating to your goods and/or services. He recommends posting video responses to these popular videos as a way of piggy-backing on their success.

The combined advice of all five panelists gives a great overview of some actionable steps a marketer can take when embarking in the field of online video marketing. Cleary VSEO draws on some of the more traditional SEO actions, such as optimizing Meta descriptions. But VSEO also represents new challenges to marketers due to its format and the way in which consumers interact with it. As online video continues to evolve, marketers will need to further alter their SEO tactics in order to adapt to this emerging medium.

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