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BIGLIST SEO Blog Reviews 090108 & Free DPAC II Tickets

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It’s a new month and a bloggy bloggy world I tell you. So many blogs and so little time, and yet you’re drawn to the BIGLIST each week, aren’t you? Who made it? Who didn’t?

Admit your BIGLIST addiction and we’ll send two lucky souls free access codes to the DPAC II Conference (The Next Wave of Digital Content & Advertising) in New York Oct 27 & 28.

Now on to the good stuff of this week’s SEO Blog Reviews:

  • NVI Blog – You’ve got to love both the tag line, “professional, technical and a little bit twisted” and the RSS Icon (guy sitting on a toilet) of this Montreal based web design agency blog that also covers search and social marketing.
  • blogwell – Aussie couple Mad (Martyn Davis) and Lid (Lidija Davis) blog (in plain English) from Silicon Valley on how how small businesses can use blogging as a marketing tool including tips on SEO, social media and of course, blogging.
  • The Leading Edge – PR and social media guru Sally Falkow has her own blog on this list already, but also shares her insights on trends in PR technology for popular PR industry publication Bulldog Reporter. Sally’s advice includes online PR, social media and search marketing.
  • Caged Ether – On the whole, Daryl Pereira blogs about corporate blogging and search marketing topics with a recent flurry of session posts from Wordcamp and SES San Jose. Nifty page layout changing option too. I didn’t like the side bar on the right so I moved it to the left. Cool.
  • Stephen Espinosa – This is Stephen. He’s addicted to local search. He lives in Socal and is a huge Chicago White Sox fan. Stephen hates the Cubs. He blogs mostly about his addiction (local search) as well as Google and conferences. Enjoy!
  • Martin Bowling – Here we have the blog of Martin Bowling. Martin’s not actually bowling at a bowling alley of course, that’s his name. You’ll find posts about online reputation management, brand awareness, search engine optimization and SEO. Wait, aren’t those last two the same thing? Ah, very clever Martin!

It’s all good in the SEO blogging hood, but not unless you get that sexy BADGE . (link back optional)

Oh, and don’t forget to sing (or write) your gratuitous praises of the BIGLIST in the comments or better yet, from your own blog and we may pick you for the free ticket to DPAC II in New York.

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  1. Honestly,the BIGLIST is like a gift from someone who’s opinion I trust in the digital space. There have been many times that your list was sent to fellow colleagues who wanted to know what blogs and forums to trust for SEO/SEM information and learning tools.

    I am thankful! Stay positive!

  2. I’m a *huge* fan of the BIGLIST SEO Blogs. I was unexpectedly accepted into the BIGLIST SEO last month and I’m a proud member now.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. This list is fantastic and a great resource for anyone who wants to learn anything and everything about online marketing!!

    One question though… why isn’t my blog on the list? 😉

  4. Mitch, you should read the guidelines on the list. Asking so often just delays being considered.