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Today we have a very nice collection of BIGLIST search and social marketing blogs from all over the world ranging from independent consultants to small agencies to executives at large agencies. Enjoy!

  • beu blog – As well as being very active in the SEM industry, Brian Ussery is an Atlanta based SEO known for his expertise with Flash and SEO, writes a wide range of topics but mostly focuses on search engine optimization and Google related topics.
  • Being Peter Kim – Previously with Forrester Research, Peter Kim now works with an Austin based strategic consulting practice that is developing an enterprise class Social Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) suite. He continues to blog about social computing, social media marketing and insights of high value to internet marketers and business leaders.
  • Rob Garner – Big agency search marketer Rob Garner from iCrossing blogs about his industry involvement including conferences and the contributions he makes at MediaPost’s Search Insider. He’s also one of the few blogs with the guts to publish an agnostic SEM/SEO blogroll.
  • TigerTwoTiger – Nancy Williams of the London based Tiger Two agency writes this comprehensive blog about all topics related to online reputation management.
  • Web Chameleon – Belinda Jackson of Australia based Web Chameleon agency blogs about a mix of online marketing topics ranging from web site marketing to blogging to email marketing.
  • OnlineMarketerBlog – The catchy tagline caught my eye on this blog, “If Copyblogger and JaffeJuice had a bad-ass baby” and serves as a living resume of topics, insights and thoughtful experiences for David Francis. The ads are a bit much though.
  • Economics of Selling Online – Catherine Carey is a professor of Economics teaching “Economics of E-commerce” and the “Economics of Advertising” in addition to posting this blog with researched and cited posts on topics related to online marketing and commerce.

Remember, our hypothetical research says blogs with a BIGLIST BADGE are 78% more likely to impress the opposite sex. (link back optional)

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  1. starting to explore ways to promote my BlogToGreat and these sites (and urs) will be a big help. thanks for the effort

  2. Is there any small chance of getting my video blog on that list?

  3. All TopRank readers should check out Being Peter King. It’s *really* good, Peter is brilliant and getting well deserved praise from the blogosphere lately.

    Great list as usual, Lee.

  4. I just wanted to thank you guys for indirectly pushing me to make myself a better writer. I owe my courage to start a blog to the BIGLIST and the custom Google search I built based on the BIGLIST.


    Never made it public till now but hey New York in October sounds great :-p. Feel free to use it everyone. Thank you again Lee.


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