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Blog World Expo Photo Roundup 1

Blog World Expo in Las Vegas this weekend is by far the most social, friendly and generally “buzzing” conference I’ve been to in a while. Bloggers are opinionated, natural networkers. Many bloggers might not be as open in other situations, but here amongst several thousand other like-minded individuals, people open up. Plus, it’s Vegas baby.

Here are a few of my favorite photos so far from Blog World Expo:

Blog World Expo Audience
The audience during the “Blogs and PR” panel I was volunteered to join at the last minute. Fun!

Rick Calvert & Dave Taylor
Blog World Expo Founder Rick Calvert and Programming Chair Dave Taylor

Valerie Combs and Brian Solis
Beautiful people blog too: Valerie Combs and Brian Solis

Chris Brogan and Lee Odden
Chris Brogan aka ‘Jones Soda Famous” and moi

Geoff Livingston and David Berkowitz
Woot Woot for the Blog Team! Geoff Livingston and David Berkowitz

Toby Bloomberg of Marketing Diva & Steve Hall of AdRants
Making new connections: Toby Bloomberg of Marketing Diva & Steve Hall of AdRants

Rohit Bhargava & Lee Odden
Rohit Bhargava and me post interview

TechSet Las Vegas Blog World Expo Bare at Mirage
TechSet Pool Party at Bare in Mirage

George, Michael, Stephan and Des
Hanging out at the TechSet Party: George Athannassov, Michael Gray, Stephan Spencer and Des Walsh

David Alston, Michael Brito, Tac Anderson
BEW08 Geek Squad: David Alston – Radian6, Michael Brito – Intel, Tac Anderson – HP

Lee Odden, Denise Wakeman, Patsi Krakoff
The Blog Squad: Lee with Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff

Brian Clark, Stephan Spencer, Michael Gray
SEO and New Media Panel: Brian Clark, Stephan Spencer, Michael Gray. This session was packed and well received.

Connie Benson, Lee Odden, Greg Swan
Minnesota bloggers in Vegas! Connie Benson, Lee Odden & Greg Swan

Cement Mixer Guys at Blog World Expo
Yep, that’s right. There was a cement mixer manufacturer exhibiting at Blog World Expo.

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  1. Great seeing you, Lee! Minnesota social media represent!

  2. Cool photos. This looks like loads and loads of fun and I wish I could be there to enjoy it with everyone

  3. Heh. What’s Michael Gray hiding behind his back there? 😛

  4. Hey Lee,

    The PR panel was awesome…it’s so amazing how the web has finally made PR ‘do things right’ in general. Very cool.

    I actually learned a few things after hanging at BWE08 and I also met some amazing people, with a couple of them being the concrete mixer guys. How great was that?

    I decided to snag some video of some of the more interesting people like the concrete guys…you can check it out over here if you get a chance:

    Hope to see you soon…glad that you liked the event as much as I did 🙂


  5. Lee, thanks for giving the Cart-Away guys some love. Talk about a leap of faith. I liked the mix of ages that was there. There were many, many adults there that are working hard to accomplish something and ensure that this show will grow very quickly.


  6. I love the way you always get photos as you go, Lee.It’s a wonderful way to help readers get some of the flavor of what it was like to be at an event, for which words alone cannot suffice. Great to see you as always.


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