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Leveraging SEO and PR with Digital Public Relations

Today I did a webinar with PRWeb on how to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results by using online public relations tactics. With 15 minutes to present, there wasn’t a lot of tactical detail. At TopRank we’ve done a pretty good job at identifying trends in a way small and large business marketers can understand. Concepts like “push and pull PR”, “digital asset optimization” and “press release optimization” have helped many marketers realize the benefits of SEO from different perspectives. The embedded slides below touch on several of these concepts:

Of course, feedback and questions are always welcome. The webinar had about 350 participants online and there were well over 70 questions posed.

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  1. I was on the webinar yesterday. Nice job, I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe I’ll see you in Chi-town for SES.

  2. Hey Max, that sounds like a great idea.

  3. Nice presentation! A stat that actually surprised me is the Microblogging market share at 36%. Didn’t think it was that high…

  4. Great slide show. After recently completing a PR internship, and starting a job in SEO – I saw these changes in journalism firsthand. Thanks!

  5. Great article. I was wondering if you have been able to define SEO value for text linking in the summary of the release. A rep from Vocus urged to do it (against our previous analytics of Google considering it spam), so we played aound with analytics and it was all over the board using the same algorithm in the bodies. Bottom line, does it help or hinder SEO to text link in the summary of a release?

    Continued success,

    Joe Perez
    CEO, Zealous Marketing
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  6. Hi Joe, linking anchor text within a press release is more valuable for motivating clickthroughs than SEO. Search engines are unlikely to give much attention if any, to the version of the press release that is hosted by the wire service.

    Linking text in the summary of the press release that is hosted on the wire service is most beneficial for clickthroughs.

  7. Lee, my understanding was that search engines consider anchor text more ‘authoritative’ than active hyperlinks and are of SEO value when used in any content.

  8. Hi Mario.

    First, I would say generalizations about SEO effects are dangerous. 🙂 As context is important for search engines in understanding a query, context is important for understanding certain SEO benefits.

    “Authoritative” is based on link popularity and a new press release hosted with a wire service has no links other than from the index of releases.

    Matt Cutts clarified in the Q/A of his post about an article in Newsweek that featured Rand Fishkin that anchor text links in prweb press releases (or releases hosted on newswire services in general) offer no linking value in Google.

    “And I doubt Rand was expecting any direct PageRank impact from Avatar

  9. The reasons that I follow you and refer you to others every day is your sharp, knowledgeable insights that you give away to anybody that might be interested. thanks Lee.