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Over at Junta42 Joe Pulizzi has announced the quarterly update of his Junta42 list of content marketing blogs. I’m happy to say Online Marketing Blog was again included in the list. This time in a slightly improved position as you can see below. I must say, being included on a list with Brian Clark, Jeremiah Owyang, Brian Solis and David Meerman Scott is very humbling.

Lists are always controversial by nature as they exclude and include based on criteria that rarely satisfy everyone. But we’re happy to be included all the same and a BIG THANKS goes to the TopRank team that’s been liveblogging conferences over the past two months of consideration for this list.

Here’s the complete list of 42 top content marketing blogs:

1 Online Marketing Blog
2 Copyblogger
3 Writing on the Web
4 Influential Marketing Blog
5 Web Ink Now
6 Marketing with Meaning
7 Nigel Hollis
8 Conversation Agent
9 Buzz Marketing for Technology
10 Post Advertising
11 Conversation Marketing
12 Marketing Interactions
13 PR 2.0
14 Nick Burcher
15 The Toadstool
16 Servant of Chaos
17 Chaos Scenario
18 No man is an iland
19 What’s Next
20 Buzz News
21 Be the Voice
22 Really Practical Marketing
23 Bringing Brands to Life!
24 ContentMarketingToday
25 Hard Knox Life
26 Web Strategy by Jeremiah
27 Drew’s Marketing Minute
28 JournaMarketing
29 Writing White Papers
30 Seth’s Blog
31 Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog
32 News from the Herd
33 EyeCube
34 Find and Convert
35 Techno//Marketer
36 Eat Media Blog
37 Conversational Media Marketing
38 Emerson Direct Marketing Observations
39 Internet Marketing Blog
40 Feed Growth!
41 Daily Fix
42 Occam’s Razor

One of the other nifty features of being on this list is inclusion in Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop page for content marketing.

Also, here’s a custom Google Search Engine for just these blogs if you’d like to focus on content marketing in your research and/or blog reading:


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