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2008 Top SEO Blogs by RSS Subscribers

As part of  maintaining the BIGLIST of search engine marketing blogs, we’ve posted a list of the top SEO blogs that publish their RSS feed subscriber counts and on this last day of 2008, I thought I’d put up just one more.

A few more SEO blogs have been added to this list from the last two times and a few blogs have switched places as the old guard makes way for the up and coming.  Fire up your feed reader and start subscribing:

Matt Cutts


Search Engine Land

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Journal
Search Engine Roundtable

Online Marketing Blog

Search Engine Guide

Marketing Pilgrim

Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Get Elastic




Small Business SEM

Web Analytics World


SEO Pedia

Net Business Blog

PPC Hero

SEO Scoop

SEOptimise Blog

StepForth SEO News Blog


aimClear Blog

It would be great of SEOBook, WeBuildPages and similar popular SEO focused blogs could be on this list, but they don’t publish their subscriber counts through Feedburner’s FeedCount. There are a few others we’re waiting for as well.

If you’re aware of other SEO related blogs that publish their feeds through Feedburner and have the FeedCount feature turned on, please drop the URL in the comments.

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  1. Lee, thanks for publishing this list. Speaking for everybody here at HubSpot, we’re honored to be on it. Lots of great company.

    Happy New Year, everybody!

  2. DangQ We only needed a few more to make this list :). Thanks for all that you bring to our industry Lee and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  3. Avatar Barry Schwartz says

    Thanks Lee.

    Not to be picky, but we have many feeds, but our two main feeds are found at http://www.seroundtable.com/subscribe.html#feed

    The one you listed has over 16k, but we have another with ~2,500k. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the heads up on that Barry. This same issue came up previously when Search Engine Watch pointed out they have multiple feeds. We decided to post only one feed per blog and pick the most popular feed.

  5. Well that makes our year. I read too fast. 🙂 I never cease to amaze myself at my built in capacity to read (or type) too fast.

  6. Avatar Matt Coddington says

    Aww, where’s my mention? 🙁

  7. Avatar Barry Schwartz says

    right, I remember that now. happy new year!

  8. SEO is one of my main focuses (as well as social media)…

    • I appreciate that Michelle. Social media is the overwhelming focus of your blog and we’ll look at it for the upcoming list of top Social Media Marketing Blogs by RSS Subscribers.

  9. And to think that I was going to create a Blog in this niche. I’m still going to anyways. I love competition.

  10. I like http://www.sacriliciousmarketing.com/ by Mary McKnight too. She writes great stuff and it works.

  11. Not pure SEO but my blog has 2038 subscribers now. Where’s the love? Sniff…


  12. Lee this is a fantastic resource. Thank you very much for taking the time to put this together. My RSS reader is very happy right now!

  13. It should be interesting to see which of these blogs rises or falls on the list during 2009. My guess is that if you don’t change the order, it should be pretty apparent.

    For example, both HubSpot and Yoast should be higher than Get Elastic, as of today.

  14. Hey Peter, we’ve done this list 3 times so far and overall, they’ve stayed in the same spots. There are fluctuations from month to month due to subscriber shifts in some cases and in others, reporting errors from FeedBurner and Google.

    We plan on making a dynamic version of the list as we build out functionality for BIGLIST.

  15. Our blog http://www.pagetrafficblog.com also covers everything related to search engines and SEO. We have around 1700 subscribers,
    Not sure if it will qualify? We do feature on your BIGLIST though.

    Thanks for the list.

  16. Hey Lee,
    DM’d you on twitter but our blog posts a feedcount (link in URL field).


  17. Only just noticed this post, would be great to get SEOptimise listed – we’ve got 1,700+ subscribers.

  18. Hey Kevin, thanks for the heads up, you’re in!


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