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SES Chicago: SEO Through Blogs and Feeds

Yesterday I presented at SES Chicago in a session on SEO Through Blogs and Feeds with Stephan Spencer and Sally Falkow. I went first and presented the slideshow embedded below, a presentation in two parts:

  1. Why blogs created solely for SEO purposes will inevitably fail.
  2. Tips on how to create a successfully optimized company blog that will last.

My presentation was followed up by Sally who talked about Feeds and distributon opportunities. The final presenter was Stephan, who had 100 or so slides (joking) on WordPress SEO but got through about 20 before the Q/A which was handled by Rebecca Lieb.

Ironically, I’m not sure anyone blogged the session but some did a bit of Twittering. Hopefully the presentation below is helpful. I know many companies are looking at blogging for many reasons and after 5 years of blogging and providing blog consulting services, TopRank has gained a tremendous amount of insight.

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  1. Thanks for posting your slides, Lee. Good to see how you summed up the highlights in your presentation.
    Planning editorial content is so important, both for the company and its readers. I like the way you outline the process in slide 14.
    @wiredprworks on twitter.com

  2. Slide 12 is great. It’s a quarter of a page long and it’s a great what-to-do document for SEO novices who know their keywords.