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6 Types of Bloggers as Evangelists

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Build a strong following and community and you have an army of brand advocates, especially when those advocates have a voice and a following of their own. As companies and agencies become more savvy about monitoring the social web, it’s important to understand what stage each voice is coming from and where they might go.

Here are my suggestions for 6 stages or types of blogger brand involvement:

1. Blogger mentions a brand – Sentiment could be anything: agnostic, positive, critical feedback, negative/dissenter. But it is hopeful and not cynical.  Of course this is not an evangelistic activity, but it is often the starting point.

2. Blogger reviews product/service associated with topic, interviews topic author, reaches out and create dialogue.

3. Blogger defends topic and what it stands for, unsolicited – comments on blogs, forums, social media sharing sites, status updates or Twitter.

4. Blogger contributes content either as a blog post, video, image or other representation of a their appreciation and passion for a brand and topic.

5. Blogger moderates discussion as a result of being selected for such duties as recognition. This can happen within a forum, a social community or as part of an online event.

6. Blogger fully adopts the brand of the topic, publishes a blog or web site dedicated to the topic and may even support the effort with a business model such as advertising or sponsorship.

I’m looking for feedback from other bloggers and marketers on this. What do you think? As a blogger do you feel yourself moving through these stages or is it more complex and situationally dependent than that?

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  1. I’m new to having my own blog but have been ghostblogging for others for awhile. When working for a client, I find that I start with stage 4 or stage 1 – depending on the brand in question and the relationship to the brand. Then based on the feedback/stats from that post, move into other stages. There are also instances where I have emailed the company/other blog in question before making any mention of it in order to gauge acceptance level and/or participation.

    Great post – got me thinking of different approaches to make in the future!

  2. I don’t think we’ve had a blog post without a comment in months! Any feedback would be great. Am I off base with this post? On target?

  3. The post is a little confusing. You’re asking a blogger to psycho-analyze their behavioral phases of attachment to a product or service. A blogger would need a therapist to work through the questions you are seeking answers. On the other hand, you could ask on-line marketers what they see as typical blogger behavior as attachment to a product or service increases. I think you’ll find that a mom that blogs about children’s products has different behavioral phases than a guy that blogs about search marketing. Your thesis is interesting, but I don’t think it can be discussed in 6 neat bullet points. It’s a very touchy feely subject.

    • I am focused on understanding why advertisers and marketers do the things they do and why/if the concepts are work, so the psychology of them is exactly what interests me and my readers.

  4. I never really thought of it in those terms but yes that’s exactly what I see. I think part of the reason we never really see it in those terms is because it feels seamless when moving from the basic “Hey I heard of this neat new thing” to the next step and also because you can move between several steps within a single blog post.

  5. Hi!

    This a great new perspective it should have seen, i think bloggers are people who care a lot of delivering news, tips, advices etc. I think bloggers have a lot of responsability trying to do what they does and its great that, Internet would not be the same without bloggers.


  6. I have posted content for others blogs and made a couple feeble attempts at starting my own.

    I think this awkward first baby steps are needed as the starts and stops help you find your inner voice.

    It helps you not only connect with your passion, but also, like gravity, pulls you to the space you should write about.

    I like what you have done here as it also helps you identify a path to follow.

  7. I would suggest a seventh type:

    7. Blogger uses the brand as a part of his blogging.

    Think Twitter/Movable Type or even Flickr.

  8. I know many marketers who want to “get plugged into the blogosphere” but struggle to understand exactly how. Your list provides a great set of profiles a good marketer could then use to shape their engagement. Great stuff Lee.

  9. I think we can lose sight of the huge number of businesses and organizations who are not yet using the web effectively to promote their brands. This post is useful in explaining the different ways blogger interact and how they can be valuable in building online awareness.

    I’m always looking for posts that I can forward to my clients to help them understand the benefits and power of new media and the web.

    Thanks. I thought this was good.

  10. I am trying to find ways to increase the trackbacks and pingbacks for my blog. Any suggestions?


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