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BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 010709

It’s a new year and a new update to TopRank’s BIGLIST of search marketing blogs. The BIGLIST, like many of our readers undoubtedly, suffered a bit of bloat over the holidays, so we’ve resolved to trim things up a bit and recently removed over 50 blogs for inactivity or changing focus from search and social media marketing. That mini purge made the BIGLIST hungry so here’s an update of new additions focusing on all manner of internet marketing topics. Fire up your RSS reader and enjoy.

  • Always be Testing –  Andy Edmonds, the Chief Scientist at StomperNet blogs about ecommerce analytics with useful how tos and several interesting tools like the Transaction Funnel Explorer or the Analytics UI Section Link Tagger. What would be even better is if Andy posted more frequently.

Should Marketers Shift Offline Budgets to Digital Marketing?

shift marketing digitalYou don’t have to look much further than recent headlines and research studies below to see that many companies are losing confidence in traditional marketing and advertising.  

The changing trends in information production, distribution and consumption coupled with the uncertain times we live in create an unprecedented challenge for companies to better reach and engage with customers.

Whether changes in marketing direction are motivated in response to market and industry conditions, changing consumer behaviors or the need to stay competitive and cost effective, one thing is certain: companies that don’t nail down marketing efficiencies and customer retention are in for a long, cold winter.

Here are a few recent headlines and studies of interest:

6 Social Search Engines to Start 2009

There are many reasons to search social media including monitoring for brand and reputation management purposes. Smart online marketers have also been using social search for other reasons including competitive research and opportunistic content marketing through social keyword trends.

Most advice on how companies should be listening to the social web with minimal cost involves monitoring individual services, which is inefficient.  Premium social media monitoring services do this much more effectively but can be expensive.  Here are 6 free social search tools that may help small businesses make their initial foray into searching the social web more productive while keeping costs to a minimum.