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12 Twitter Stream Aggregators To Make You Smarter

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UPDATE: Most of the services on this page published in 2009 are no longer active. Such is the nature of social media tools. I have disabled the links but am keeping the content as an archive of the types of Twitter tools that once existed. 

1. search.twitter.com
2. Google.com (now indexes all public tweets)
3. topsy.com (no longer active)

There are so many Tweets and so little time. What’s a “Tweeple” to do? Twitter aggregator and trend websites use a variety of tactics to filter out what’s up and coming and of interest to the Twittersphere in contrast to the mass of mundane Tweets.  Twitter stream aggregators are useful for a variety of reasons ranging from discovery of news to competitive research. (Follow me on Twitter here @leeodden):

As a Twitter user, you can discover what kinds of Tweets are most often passed along (a “retweet” or “RT”) and use that insight for your own Twitter use. The same learning opportunity exists for companies using Twitter.

As a Twitter marketer, you can monitor up and coming stories as well as the Twitter users posting them to identify new connections. Retweet someone else’s stories and they may return the favor. Better yet, you may have topics in common and develop business connections.

As a blogger or journalist using Twitter, aggregator sites are priceless for finding news items early in their upward trend towards becoming buzz. With limited time and people resources, Twitter is an essential news sourcing tool for journalists, reporters, analysts and bloggers.

Building your network on Twitter can be facilitated by finding, posting or retweeting remarkable news. This will stimulate retweets from existing followers providing second level follower exposre and attract even more followers of your own.

There are many more reasons for using Twitter post aggregators but let’s get to the tools. Here are 12 of those services with our favorite 5 to start.


UPDATE: This service is no longer active. 

Twitt(url)y – If you like the Digg interface and you like Twitter, then this is the tool for you. Rather than users’ votes, Twitturly counts links posted on Twitter to content in order to include and then rank the content.  The more votes an item gets, the higher it displays on the list. Only the top 100 items are shown at a time.  Twitturly also tracks the number of Tweets with links that a particular Twitter user has posted. This is a nifty feature that can help you see what a particular Twitter user likes and how ofter their Tweets with links get Retweeted by others.  Twitturly also gives you the full Tweet History of a URL including how many and who Tweeted it, plus the total estimated reach, regardless of how many URL shortening services were used to point to it.   By Joel Strellner



UPDATE: This service is no longer active. 

Retweetist – On this site you’ll see a variety of data aggregated all in one place.  There’s a list of the freshest, most often Retweeted items, the most Retweeted items in the past 24 hours and the most Retweeted Twitter users. You can also see the Retweet history of an individual Twitter user which shows their daily Retweet frequency and the most recent items they’ve linked to.  By Mike Sheetal



UPDATE: This service is no longer active. 

Tweetmeme – Unique features with this service include segmenting the kind of content being linked to: Blogs, Images, Video and Audio.  There are mini keyword tag clouds for each Tweet.  Other features include: A river of news page with an RSS feed, individual RSS feeds for each category (e.g. images, videos) and historic pages so you can go back to any particular date at 5 minute intervals to see what tweetmeme looked like in the past.  By Nick Halstead

UPDATE: This service is no longer active. 

TweetLists – This service simply shows the most popular links over the last 24 hours found on the public timeline at Twitter.com. There are tabs for most popular Tweets of the day and week. There are also lists of the top Twitterati and domains being Tweeted.  A search feature makes it easy to locate specifics.   By Scott Rutherford

Twitter Search

Twitter Search – Probably the most popular way to filter Twitter noise is to use the search tool. Trending topics are displayed and an array of search operators/options allow you to be pretty specific about what you’re looking for.  

As an example, let’s say I wanted to find: “people in Chicago that asked a question in English about social media in the past 24 hours”. No problem, here you go.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed of the search results as well.  There are amazing possibilites for connecting with the right people using Twitter search.

Additional Twitter aggregator and filtering services include:

  • Twist UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  This service shows aggregated data about what people are saying in Twitter and includes a chart of topical trends in Twitter (similar to Google Trends) that you can also use to view Tweets during different time periods. Mont  You can also do topic comparisons and drill down to see lists of what was hot today or the current week. By Diego Basch
  • retweetradar –UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  A tag cloud of Tweeted topics is what stands out with this service, showing current tags, today and yesterday for time intervals. Clicking on the tagged keywords initiates a search on Twitter itself.  The “What’s Happening Right Now” section updates in real time.  The top Retweeted links and Twitter users are also displayed along with a trend archive. By Minnesota’s own Ben Hedrington
  • twopular –UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  This service shows trending topics in various time formats: now, past 2 hours, 8 hours, day, week, month, ever. Each trending topic has an arrow indicator indicating direction of trend plus links to the topic on Google and Yahoo News. There’s also an option to do comparison charts from a preset list of trend topics. By Martin Dudek
  • Twitturls –UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  Shows popular articles, pictures and videos linked to via Twitter in the past 2 hours, today and also filters out any Tweets that don’t use Twitter vernacular. By Justin Palmer
  • Twitlinks –UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  Aggregates the latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users in a news story format. 
  • Retailer Twitter Aggregator –UPDATE: This service is no longer active.  As the name implies, this is a retailer Twitter aggregator showing an “at a glance” view of  how brick and mortar retailers are using Twitter to connect with their customers including sales information advice. By Tom Sullivan

There are quite a few more, but none that do anything dramatically different than the services listed above.  However, there may be some I’ve missed. Are there any unique Twitter aggregation tools that should be added? We’d love to hear about them.

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  1. We also like http://www.twittersphere.com – mostly because of it’s short, medium & long term categorization feature.

  2. great stuff… I’m going to have to check out these websites.

    I just got tweetdeck today and I love it… It helps with the twitter craziness management lol…

    thanks again!


  3. Lee – OMG, what a great post. You’ve given me a lot of great Twitter resources I’ve never heard of before!! Thanks a bunch. Hey – do you find that you get a pretty good amount of traffic after sending out tweets? I’m curious to know if it’s worth the time. And does anyone know of a way to tweet with an audio message introducing yourself? Or would you have to include URL to the audio in your tweet?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Traci Moore

    P.S. Do you use Twitter to build your list? I’d love to hear more about that if you are. That would be a great post!

    • Thank you Traci, glad the Twitter tools are useful to you. They are very useful to me, especially when used creatively. We do get quite a bit of traffic from my Twitter account @leeodden to our blog.

      To Tweet an audio message, you’d need to link to an audio file. Otherwise, there are services like Bubble Tweet that you can use but others would need to be using the same service to hear the audio or see video within the Twitter interface.

  4. Nice list, Lee! Twitter – and most other social services – definitely misses filtering.

    In terms of Twitter clients Tweetdeck does a good job in filtering out interesting stuff

  5. Thanks Lee, this list is great and I am this to my list of resources. This is a great help.

    Thanks again

  6. Hi Lee,

    A couple that come to mind that are missing are Monitter and Spy (also from Ben Hedrington). I posted details about both here http://find-attract.com/monitter-spyappspot/

    Essentially they are good for in the moment stream watching. Great for displaying on a wall during a conference where attendees are likely twittering to a common hashtag.

    Great list.


    • Thanks Josh. These tools are specifically for Twitter and Spy tracks multiple social media sources. For that kind of monitoring, I like Radian6 or on the free side, whostalkin.com or samepoint.com.

      http://monitter.com/ is VERY nice, thank you for the heads up.

  7. Awesome list! Thanks for posting it.

  8. Hey Lee – have any tips for reverse twittering? Hope its warming up for you in MN!

    • I’m not so sure reverse twittering is any different than subscribing to an RSS feed for a source and getting updates when something new is posted. Why use Twitter’s RSS for that when I can just use the RSS feed of the source?

      • Ok. In a meeting yesterday, someone mentioned something about “reverse twitter” – I hadn’t heard that term coined before – so I wanted to check with the expert 🙂

  9. Afaik the upper picture to your post is taken from another twitterservice. Just cannot remeber the name! :-/ Twittercircle or so? Can U help? Thanks!

  10. Lee:

    Great article on Twitter stream aggregators. As always, very insightful and useful for Twitter users and microbloggers of all levels of experience.

    Shay West

  11. Just when I thought I was beginning to get the jist of twitter, the whole thing evolves again.

    Maybe it’s my age…

    Anyway, thanks for keeping us all posted.

  12. Avatar George Millington says

    Great list – I’d also add TweetDeck. It’s one of the best!


    • Thanks George. I’m not sure I’d consider TweetDeck an aggregator in the way that these tools filter out tweets. It’s a great tool for following and communicating with your Twitter network though.

  13. There are so many useful tools for twitter, thanks for sharing this list. I agree tweetdeck is pretty sweet.

  14. This is a great list, but I would also like to add my shameless plug.

    Check out Tweeght(http://tweeght.com). It’s a Digg like Twitter application for sharing your thoughtful tweets and inspirational quotes! You can Vote up and Retweet other tweets very easily.

    Let me know your feedback @adityakothadiya on Twitter.

  15. Came across http://epictweet.com/ startup the other day – saw it for sale at Sitepoint marketplace.

  16. Thx for this very nice list. Maybe twitpictaggr may be mentioned here to? It gathers images from twitpic.com:


  17. Lee,
    Great post – thanks for sharing these tools. Most I had not looked into before.

    How about Friendfeed as an aggregator – I have found it to be a great way to bringing the streams together in a relevant way.


    • Thanks Matt – FriendFeed is a fantastic aggregator of many types of social feeds.

      It would be interesting if FriendFeed added some way of qualifying or filtering out items that people share for a top list like Twitturly and Tweetmeme do.

  18. I have been using http://www.twitterfall.com and love it. I can put in my terms I want to follow and they come up as they happen.

  19. Hello Lee,

    That is great collection. Thanks for that.

    I put a similar collection together the other day: http://www.volkerballueder.com/twitter-twitter-tools/

    There are just too many things to play with, aren’t there 😉


  20. Avatar Barbara Korabel says

    Lee: If only I had 1/10th of your knowledge I’d consider myself “technolicious”. So help me get started twittering about real estate.

  21. Avatar Supercool Creative says

    This is a great list. I just set up a Twitter account for my company’s blog a few hours ago and did not know it could get so in-dept. Thanks.

  22. Thanks. Just the twitter search was handy!

  23. Have you seen TwURLed News (http://TwURLedNews.com)? It’s like Twitturly, but is much more selective about the URLs it publishes, based on social network analysis. It has a couple of focused versions, also, for social media (http://TwURLedNews.com/social_media) and web analytics (http://TwURLedNews.com/web_analytics).

  24. Great list featuring a lot of Twitter tools I didn’t even know existed!

    Here’s one site I recommend to find some new people to follow: Twubble (http://www.crazybob.org/twubble/). What it does is check the followers of those you follow to generate a list of people who you may want to follow. Well worth trying.

    The Geek Entrepreneur

  25. Thanks for the list of resources. Checking out a couple as soon as I send this off.

  26. Great collection for aggregation. I might even make a category for this in our catalog. Over 275 Twitter tools now all sorted by categories

  27. Great article Lee. I also learned a lot from the comments.

  28. Hi Lee, excellent list, will keep me busy for a while checking them all out!

    Here’s one to add that was just released this week – tweetcloud.net — it’s a bit like retweetradar but what I like about it is that you can also see a tag cloud for a particular user, kinda cool.

  29. A great list thank you – very enlightening, and lots of other great information from the other contributors as well
    Well Done