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SXSW Interactive: Search Meets Social Media in Pictures

Posted on Mar 18th, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    Readers of Online Marketing Blog may know that after last week’s WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference, I stayed over the weekend in Austin for the Interactive portion of SXSW. I’ve heard up to 9,000 people were registered for the SXSWi event and by looking at the conference sessions, hallways and restaurants/bars, it was undoubtedly the place to be. Below is a summary of my brief time at SXSWi in picutures where search marketing, social media and public relations people converged, networked, talked and listened.

    David Berkowitz, Frank Gruber, Brian Solis
    If there were baseball cards for internet marketing and social media superstars then these three would be Upper Deck Premium: David Berkowitz of 360i, Frank Gruber from AOL and Brian Solis, owner of FutureWorks PR

    Charlene Li SXSWi
    Charlene Li, previously with Forrester and now founder of the Altimeter Group, presenting on the future of social networks. Summed up in 9 words: “Socnets are like air and in Google we trust”

    Katie Paine SXSWi
    If you want the Godmother of PR & social media measurement, here she is: The one and only Katie Paine

    Dave McClure & Foodzie People SXSWi
    Dave McClure aka 500hats & Foodzie People strike a pose at the Driskill

    Peter Kim, Liz Strauss, Aaron Strout
    Let’s Get Social! Peter Kim, previously with Forrester and now with a well funded startup in stealth mode, Liz Strauss and Aaron Strout from Powered, connecting in the Techset Blogger Lounge

    Todd Friesen & Scott Polk SXSWi
    Search Marketers Todd Friesen of Position Technologies & Scott Polk of Bruce Clay with plenty of reasons to be happy

    Amber Naslund & Jason Falls SXSWi
    Amber Naslund of Radian6 & Jason Falls of Doe Anderson keeping lively at the Mohawk

    Rohit Bhargava & Rich Brooks SXSWi
    Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy 360 PR & Rich Brooks are all smiles because the coffee is fresh. Kinda. In the blogger lounge.

    Krista Neher, Jason Baer, Jason Falls Blogger Lounge
    Jeeze, this Jason Falls guy is everywhere! Hanging out with Krista Neher aka Marketess & Jason Baer in the Blogger lounge

    Blogger Lounge SXSWi
    A press room will never look like this at a conference.  I wonder if some people ever left the blogger lounge. I think they reported on the entire SXSWi event without having to go anywhere because everyone came to the Techset lounge eventually. Even Willie Nelson’s daughter came and sang for a bit.

    Rick Calvert, Heather Meeker, Dave Cynkin SWSWi
    Hey search marketing people, remember our favorite Yahoo PR person, Heather Meeker? Here she is in a BlogWorldExpo sandwich with founders Rick Calvert & Dave Cynkin. Heather now works for Whrrl

    Tony Adam, Kate Morris, Scott Polk
    Ah ha, more search marketing people (Tony Adam of Yahoo and Kate Morris of New Edge Media) and there’s that Polk fellow again. This time at Stubb’s BBQ for the Diggnation broadcast. Or maybe it was just for the beer.

    Chris Brogan & Scott Monty
    Chris Brogan of Chris Broganland and Scott Monty of Ford chatting it up in the Pepsi BlogTalkRadio Pavillon.

    Chris Heuer & Lee Odden

    Social meets Search. Chris Heuer of AdHocnium and Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing

    6th Street SXSWi
    Pedicabs on 6th Street are a welcome sight at 2am