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SEO Tool Review: BuzzStream for Link Building

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As I work with our clients on their link building projects, I am often testing out new tools to make the process more efficient. After meeting with Lee at PubCon South in March, Jeremy Bencken – one of the founders of BuzzStream –  followed up with Lee for the opportunity to demo and test out their link building tool – BuzzStream for Link Building. Lee requested that I take a look at this tool, and I was glad for the opportunity.

For many webmasters, managing link building campaigns can seem pretty daunting. Identifying a link building strategy is one key to success. Another is ensuring link building efficiency and follow up. Identifying processes and tools to help increase this efficiency can greatly increase the amount and value of links you achieve.BuzzStream for Link Building

BuzzStream is one such tool. Developed by the creators of, BuzzStream helps identify sites from which to request links, and makes this link building process efficient and human. The BuzzStream for Link Building tool works in 4 key ways: Identifying contact information, managing communications, managing link opportunities and link request sent, and monitoring backlinks achieved.

When searching for link building opportunities, BuzzStream’s BuzzMarker can help quickly identify contact information and website information to easily categorize within your BuzzStream Dashboard. By pulling this information automatically, BuzzMarker helps save time, rather than the link builder spending minutes searching for a contact email address or documenting content categories. Then, when this information is placed in the BuzzStream Dashboard, you are able to sort by a variety of factors, such as PageRank, date found, type of link, and contact status.

BuzzStream also allows you to easily manage communications between themselves and the website’s owner or writer. BuzzStream identifies Tweeting between your accounts, as well as emails being sent back and forth. This communication monitoring helps you, as a link builder, begin a relationship with this webmaster, and build it over time. The website owner is more likely to link to a person they know, so these relationships matter.

Once the link request is sent, BuzzStream catalogs this request to easily be found later. You can search by requests sent within a particular timeframe, requests sent to sites with a certain PageRank and many other sorting factors to make documenting and reporting these request simple and efficient.

BuzzStream Links

The main objective to all of this opportunity documentation and relationship building is acquiring the link. BuzzStream keeps with its efficiency trend and employs a backlink checker which automatically runs each week to detect the achievement of a link from the link requests you’ve sent out. This information is then automatically documented in your contact dashboard, allowing you now to easily sort by which link you’ve received. On top of that, the backlink checker also identifies if any links were taken away, if the links were NoFollowed, if the anchor text changed, or if the page that holds your link all of a sudden becomes populated with spammy content. Because of this, you can also easily see the value of each link you’ve achieved, and you know how to request updates if necessary.

BuzzStream does an great job of streamlining the link request process, and the automatic documentation of it all is incredible. With affordable price points for up to 20 different users, BuzzStream can be an effective linking asset for individuals starting their own link building to agencies looking to automate some of their processes.

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  1. I will have to check it out. I am not a big fun of using programs with my link building but this sounds like quite the opposite. Not so much automation as it is helpful. Thanks for the post.

  2. I gave BuzzStream a trial run as a beta user for about a month. It’s definitely a useful tool, and it made link building for client projects easy to keep track of.

    On the other hand, I found myself wanting more in the way of reporting capabilities. Building links as an agency/consultant is about reporting on your work as much as doing the work itself – and in this regard I found BuzzStream lacking.

    Although I’m sure they’ll be working on some nice new developments soon…

  3. I’m sorry to say, but the texts on this website are not very atractive to read. You should do something with headings and change the line spacing.

  4. Besides that, the images in your post are not linked to a bigger version, which makes it hard to see what they are presenting.

  5. Thanks for sharing information about new tools and links!

  6. Thank you for the positive comments Dana. I’m on BuzzStream’s Board of Advisors and wanted to add a note. I have only agreed to serve on the board of two cpmpanies in my 15 years of link building, and have been blown away by Jeremy and Paul’s attention to detail and willingness to adapt and subtely tweak BuzzStream based on my (uninvited:) input. Link building is all about nuance, and BuzzStream really can change the way people manage the link building and content publicity process. I’m obsessively white hat and conservative with my comments about any link building tool, and anytime I see a new one I’m skeptical, with good reason. The majority of tools are just spam bots in disguise. Not BuzzStream. It’s the categogry killer. Thanks again.


  7. Eric, I hope your trust is well placed. I will not be happy if I am ever contacted by a BuzzStream client for links. I make it pretty clear on my contact form that I am not interested in link requests but SEOs still pound me with them anyway.

    Link building needs to develop new methodologies that don’t hammer Webmasters with endless link requests.

  8. Interesting information on link building. Thanks!

  9. Wow, this seems like a pretty hardcore tool. Are there any trial versions?

  10. Info is great but BuzzStream is complex to me. I’m a new blogger. Anyway than you for this post.

  11. Well said Michael. That crucial decision-whether or not to send a link request to any given site-will always have to be made by a person, so any link building tool will only be as good as the person using it. I told the founders that there are certain features of any tool that are deal breakers for me. An email engine, for instance as appealing as it sounds, should NEVER be part of any app. Another deal breaker is selecting target sites without human vetting. Another is pooling of previously ID’d targets for others to poach. That’s kiss of death stuff. I’m extremely hopeful the BuzzStream team will listen to what I have to say, and so far, so good. Link building needs a project manager, and I think this can be it.


  12. Great tool for link building have you seen an increase in traffic?

  13. Thanks for the thorough review, Dana! I’m the CEO of the company…you really captured what we’re trying to accomplish with BuzzStream.

    @MikeTek – Appreciate the feedback. We’re hearing this consistently from agencies and we’re acting on it…our strategy is to get the base functionality in place first, then provide export capabilities (so you can build your own reports) and then deliver reporting capabilities in the product (including both custom reporting and white label reporting). I’ll tweet you to bounce our plans off of you and get more detailed feedback.

    @Eric – Thanks for the kind words! We’re lucky to have one of the legends helping to keep us focused on the right things.

    @Michael – Eric describes our point-of-view well. Our goal is to provide PEOPLE with the tools that they need to conduct link building in a more relevant, personalized and relationship-based way. We have no intentions of adding features that are designed to enable link spamming.

    @Nate – there is a test drive version available on our website. If you follow the link in the post (the link to BuzzStream for Link Building), you can sign up.

  14. Avatar Omar Zaibak says

    Thanks for that post Dana, link building can be a puzzling concept. I think its very very important to be able to measure the link building strategy you try to employ.

    That’s the main reason I like web analytics so much, measurement. This tool seems like it can give me measurement on my link building strategy, so I think I’m going to give the trial a whirl. I also think I’ll blog about what I think about it this week possibly.


  15. I didn’t drop this before, because I forgot, but a good tool to use in conjunction with Buzzstream would be the dofollow blog finder at High Ranking SEO. You can find it here:

    I apologize for dropping the link, but I think it brings value to the conversation. Search Marketers will appreciate it seeing that there are over 1,000 “do follow” blogs (and counting) in it. I assure you that you can find something in your related niche.

    Have a good one everyone!

  16. Its important for you to know how well your link building strategy is going and if it is working. I am going to give BuzzStream a trial as it seems like a good tool to use to keep track on your link building strategy.

  17. Sounds like a decent program. Thanks for sharing.

  18. it looks great & i’ll use it for my website soon.

  19. I would have to agree with Sean in the first comment. Over the years I have tried link building software or programs. I end up quitting all of them. They are not natural, and I believe it is reflected that way.

    • @Rob – I understand what you’re saying about traditional link building software. I think the key difference is automation. Traditional apps try to automate things like prospecting, outreach, and exchanges that should NOT be automated. You’re absolutely right, those tools produce unnatural (unsustainable) results.

      BuzzStream is different because it merely tries to streamline your existing workflow, making it easy to get prospective link partners into the system, and track your outreach with minimal extra effort. No automation. Your usual natural approach, just faster and more organized.

      Anyway, thanks for chiming in because this is a common initial reaction we’re hearing when people hear “link building software”. I wonder if it would help alleviate some of the negative connotations with link building software to rename it BuzzStream for Content Promotion? Or BuzzStream CRM for Link Building Relationships? Or BuzzStream for Link Management?

      • I like the BuzzStream for Link Management, and yes, I would stay away from using the term link building software. It’s “BuzzKill” for me.

  20. Buzzstream Link Management

    Streamline your link building campaigns….

    Create a buzz with a stream of links…

    lol…I duno.

    I have to correct the guy a couple comments ago. I didn’t say that I didn’t like the software…I said that this was not automated garbage, this was more of a streamline program for SEO’s who run link building campaigns (all of them).