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Google: Social Media is a Party, SEO is Bullsh*t, Advertising is Good For You

I noticed someone using Google suggest in another story today (honestly forgot where) and thought I’d see what Google “thinks” about social media. Then I tried SEO. Not surprising. Funniest of all, considering Google’s business model, was advertising.

What Google Thinks of Social Media

Pretty telling when you think about it. Of course this isn’t what Google “really thinks” about social media, it’s Google’s response to search queries and effort to predict what we’re really searching for.

Google Suggest works by drawing from searches by other Google users, sites in Google’s search index, and ads in the Google advertising network. If you’re logged in, Google will use your search history to make suggestions. It can be a handy search tool. It can also be revealing.

But, that’s not as interesting as viewing these screen shots as what Google “thinks”, so let’s continue:

what google thinks of seo

Whoah, let’s turn off the SEO hate, OK Google? 🙂 In case you’re not a hater and curious about search engine optimization, find the truth about SEO here and why ongoing SEO is important here.  The reality is, Google is the recognized leader amongst the few remaining search engines in more than market share. They’re also the pioneer (thanks in part to Vanessa Fox) and leader in providing webmasters with SEO tools and insight via Google Webmaster Central.


After typing in “advertising is” on Google, I had to laugh because of such positive sentiment.  How many millions of dollars, no billions of dollars, go into advertising that is untracked, unaccountable?  Google’s bread and butter is advertising so it’s just a bit ironic. Of course, the kind of advertising that Google sells IS trackable and VERY accountable.  No wonder Google Suggest says “advertising is good for you”.

What does Google Suggest think of your industry?

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  1. This was insightful. Also interesting is what Google Suggest gives for “Bing is” or “Yahoo is”. Number one for those is “Bing is not google” and “Yahoo is shutting down November 17”, respectively. By comparison, the second entry for “Google is” is “Google is going to take over the world”.

  2. Thanks for the laugh Lee.

  3. Avatar seoservicescompany says

    good information… the social media can play a very vital role in the optimization process of a site so if the we use some social media networks like facebook, orkut etc then it will be very helpful to get a number of visitors for a site…

  4. Avatar franckrasmussen says

    That's pretty funny 🙂

  5. Excellent observation ggli08! Maybe Google suggest IS a window into the mind of GOOG

  6. Avatar clausvalgren says

    That’s fun, just stole 10 min. of coding time – by the way.. coding is … not a crime

  7. Great find Lee. Great way to start my day with a laugh. I can see the topic of 'what Google Really thinks' turning in a popular blog. There's got to be a ton of other funny examples out there.

  8. try this one: I am…

  9. Absolutely spot-on, Lee! Great piece and yup, shows you where those G dudes are, eh?



  10. That’s a great post. Google thinks: Google is… making us stupid! There you go straight from the horses’ mouth.

  11. Avatar Pete Callaghan says

    I also got “google is the devil” ! Now that's what I call giving the game away 😀

  12. It's NOT google who is making SEO's look bad, it's the SEO is Dead, SEO is Voodoo and SEO is a boondoggle garbage that is making our industry look like snake oil salesmen.

    Advertising works.. so does SEO… the difference? the bashing of advertising got old a long time ago.. before the interwebz..

  13. This is hilarious. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I think this is Google sales gimmick. nice research thanks

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  16. I like the way MR. Lee Odden has mixed these 3 searches..But I surprised when I saw “google is making us stupid” and “google is the devil” when I type google is..

  17. Avatar goldenblogger says

    Nice post. Congratulations for this article 🙂

  18. Interesting… I knew Google was sending a hidden message, the weird this is Google is focusing a lot on Social Media right now with Google Friend Connect, Wave…

  19. Very good post.

  20. Avatar jessicaKlose says

    It's not fair at all. Google should be little cool and nice to everyone. This is not the way of describing SEO.. It's really weired.
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  21. Avatar Rahman Mehraby says

    Funny and interesting post. This is how Google makes money isn't it? Even its Keyword tool isn't help you if you are looking for Twitter-related keywords! It's only Google suggest that may help to some extent. Of course, one must see how far it can be trusted!

  22. Nice post, really! Yes, its true that Google itself create hype for any product it launches and markets it very well.

  23. Great Observation which really tells us where Google people are heading towards. One thing more interesting for me is “Google is making us stupid”…. Funny poetry by Google!

  24. Lee, This is an interesting post and humorous as well. I do differ with you on one thing. You don't need to be logged in for Google to use your history for suggested searches since they have already cookied you and know your IP address. More and more searched are becoming localized and personalized as a result of this.

  25. After reading “advertising is good for you” i just laughed
    Google is the new god and the search results are bibles and qurans and tevrats for us :)))

  26. We use SBI!'s Brainstormer related keywords, it's like Google suggest on steroids. I find Google suggest to be more of a toy. I'm a big fan of most of Google's tools though.

  27. There are even funnier results in what people of most ages look for. Just type “I'm 15 and ” and see the results. And the number can then go up to 20-something.

  28. There are even funnier results in what people of most ages look for. Just type “I'm 15 and ” and see the results. And the number can then go up to 20-something.