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BIGLIST Update: Local Search Marketing Blogs 010710


Welcome to the first BIGLIST review of SEM and SEO blogs for 2010!  What a year it will be. We reviewed hundreds of marketing blogs in 2009 and well over a thousand since we started the original list. Today’s BIGLIST update focuses on a few local search marketing blogs we’ve recently discovered.

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Absence makes the heart grow fonder and we know online marketers already like the <a href=”https://www.toprankblog.com/search-marketing-blogs/” target=”_blank”>BIGLIST</a> of online marketing blogs reviews.

Expand2Web Blog – The design winner for this BIGLIST Update Local SEM Blog Edition goes to Expand3Web by Don Campbell. This blog offers a rich mix of WordPress and Local search marketing advice as well as how to screencasts & videos as well as a podcast.

And now on to the other Local Search Marketing additions to TopRank’s BIGLIST this week:

  • GEO Local SEO – Steve Hatcher aka Stever recently branched out from his main blog to this new local SEO focused blog that offers specific, firsthand and actionable tips for local search marketing. The first posts focus on Google Local & Maps and promises to cover “just about anything pertaining to local web marketing”.
  • Optimized! – Mary Bowling  is an experienced online marketer who writes for a Local Search Marketing column for ClickZ. She’s also blogged her observations and insights about a range of SEO topics and of course, local SEM since December 2007.
  • Mihmorandum – David Mihm is a well known local search marketer and designer out of Portland that blogs about his involvement in the search marketing industry and offers opinions and observations of what small businesses should know about local SEO. This blog is well worth adding to your RSS reader.
  • Local Search Simplified – Shagun Vatsa is a consultant in Toronto and with her blog, she focuses on adding value to tried and tested online marketing strategies and offering quality advice on how small businesses can leverage local search, Google maps, SEO and SEM.
  • Local Search Optimization – Netherlands based Martijn Beijk blogs about local search optimization, Universal search, mobile, Google’s Local Business Center and location-based services.  He also reviews tools, which is handy and a definitive guide to KML and sitemaps for SEO.
  • Search Marketing Insights – Dev Basu is another Toronto based search marketer and he promises “no BS marketing strategies for small and big biz alike”. He writes about local search, small business marketing, online yellow pages and social media. He also writes about industry involvement such as speaking at conferences like Search Engine Strategies.

For reference, here are a few Local Search Marketing Blogs already included in TopRank’s BIGLIST:

If you’ve been included in the BIGLIST of SEM Blogs, then be sure to add some BIGLIST Badge flair to your blog.

What Local search engine marketing or online marketing blogs would you add to BIGLIST?

BIGLIST Development Note: We’ve been working to develop a more effective and interesting way to organize and manage the BIGLIST of marketing blogs, which will offer categorization, sorting and ranking as well as many other pieces of information about each blog. The all new BIGLIST will launch in February 2010.

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  1. Very good list! Thanks!

  2. Sorry to do a little self-promo but this post I just did is highly relevant to Local Search. It's about a recent observation that Local Optimization can actually boost your organic rankings in some cases:


    PS. Kudos to Martijn Beijk who got me started with Local Optimization.

  3. Thanks for the post Lee and the time taking to make this list!

  4. Congrates to all those on this list. Local Search is so important to SMB's, all these folks on this list give so much to so many small businesses who really need the help! I follow every single one of these Bloggers and they all bring such grace, knowledge, & value to SMB's lives! Glad to see them get a little acknowledgment they all deserve!

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  6. Avatar Weißer Tee says

    I wish I could be there on this list.. this big list. Better luck next time. And I strongly agree with Matthew local search is really very important, not only for SMB but for others also.
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  7. Here's hoping I get on the next Minneapolis Search Marketing Blog BIGLIST: http://www.lynx-marketing.com

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  11. thanks for sharing. online marketing isn't difficult or not easy. thanks

  12. Congrats to everyone else that made it to the list. 2010 and 2011 will be very interesting years for local search, as more people become aware of its importance, and saturation occurs in the SMB space. I'm also looking forward to less spam in maps search, and hoping that Bing and Yahoo will allow Canadian submissions.

  13. Good Choice on these – I think all of them offer some valuable content and are valuable resources for Marketers.

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