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BIGLIST Update: Search Marketing Blogs 012810

Posted on Jan 28th, 2010
Written by Lee Odden
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    Welcome to a new BIGLIST review of SEO blogs. While it’s by no means a requirement for blogs to post daily or even every week to provide useful content to readers, it does take at least 1 post every 2 weeks to be included in the BIGLIST. We’re seeing a shift with many blogs to posting less frequently and yet most of those bloggers are active on Twitter or Facebook. Is there a connection? Are Twitter and Facebook reducing the frequency of blogging overall in the Search and Social Media Marketing industry?

    Take a look at the new crop of blogs in this BIGLIST update and you can be the judge.

    The blog that gets our design recognition is Directory Journal – This nicely designed, Internet marketing, social media and SEO blog is part of a network of blogs attached to directories. The posts cover a range of SEO topics but posts are unsigned but I suspect they are written by the site owner, Hasan Saleem.

    SEO & Content Marketing Revue – Do I even need to introduce Heather Lloyd-Martin? Maybe not Heather, but certainly this new blogging gig she’s landed with Target Marketing Magazine where’s just started writing about, what else, content and SEO.

    Urban Wall – As Traffic and Lead Delivery Optimization Manager at, Justin Freid posts his personal insights and tips on SEO, PPC and Social Media on this very new blog. It appears Justin blogs in “collaboration” with Korean Clothing, CD Rates and Bank Rates. 🙂

    SEO in The Desert – Richard V. Burckhardt, aka The Web Optimist works as VP of Search for and blogs out of Palm Springs, CA mostly about search engine optimization. He also accepts guest blog posts about SEO.

    Webster Jorgensen – A self proclaimed Drupal junkie, Webster works as Online Marketing Manager at Ryan Transportation in Kansas City. He’s addressed the posting frequently issue by not publishing dates on his blog posts and writes with a decidedly SEO- focused opinion on internet marketing topics.

    Keyword Driven – This is Acronym Media’s agency blog (55th floor of the Empire State Building) which has a variety of posts on SEO topics, tools and observations from a mix of staff. Although, with just 2 posts in December and only 1 in January, blogging isn’t a high priority at the moment.

    Honorable Mentions: These blogs offer some good content, but are not posting often enough to make it into the BIGLIST.

    Websimple – Jeremy Bencken is one of those entreprenurial SEOs who built up a few sites, sold them to a larger company, then started another venture (BuzzStream) and still does some consulting out of Austin, TX. Jeremy has very interesting things to say and even though his blog is VERY new, I mention it here thinking maybe he’ll post more often.

    Ecommerce Blog from MightyMerchant – Michael Strears from HEROweb/MightyMerchant was on a roll blogging advice, insights, and articles focused on Ecommerce for small business owners and then in December, stop. Hopefully he hasn’t been eaten by Twitter :).

    No decent SEO blog would be complete without a smart looking BIGLIST badge. For blogs included in a BIGLIST update, we just happen to have a few extra badges just for you.