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5 Sure Fire Tactics to Promote a Business Blog

Relevant, Consistently Updated Content + Flawless Technical Functionality & User Experience = Perfect Blog Launch

What’s missing from the equation above? You guessed it: blog promotion.

Creating a glitch-free blog with informative content means next to nothing without attracting readers.

Start promoting your blog today with these five effective tips:

1. Involve influential industry bloggers.

By linking to popular blogs, you can gain the attention of both the influential blogger and his or her readers.

But your blog won’t be the only one to benefit. You’ll be giving the other blog a little link juice – and be paying them a compliment at the same time.

Try out a few of these ideas for leveraging other blogs:

  • Create a post around an interesting concept published by an influential blogger: Be sure to attribute the information to the blogger and link to his or her post. And don’t forget to offer additional unique insight to make the post your own.
  • Interview an influential blogger and turn it into a Q&A post: That blogger is sure to link to your post, and his or her readers are likely to visit your blog as a result. Side benefit: Including the insight of a thought leader will help position you as a thought leader as well.
  • Create a list of influential blogs: Include popular blogs from your industry, and include a link, short description and even a screenshot. Online Marketing Blog has successfully done this with its BIGLIST of online marketing blogs. Publish a blog post each week highlighting one or two new blogs to promote the list and acquire another link to the list.

2. Promote your blog via social media.

If your organization already has a solid presence on Twitter, Facebook or other social media channel, leverage your followers or fans to promote your new blog.

For example, when a new post goes live, create a short tweet with a link back to the post – and provide the link on your Facebook fan page.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Whenever possible (we know how quickly 140 characters can be used up!), include the blog name in tweets and other social media messages.
  • Auto-feed new posts to your social media accounts with tools like FeedBurner. But if you choose this option, make sure your headlines are as compelling as possible for social media.
  • Maximize promotional efforts by asking employees to add the blog URL to their signatures and personal social media accounts. Employees can also re-tweet posts that they find interesting.

3. Create “link-bait” posts and “sticky” headlines.

Creating compelling headlines or posts that resonate with social web users is another way to garner attention for your new blog.

Try some of these ideas:

  • Write counter-intuitive posts – i.e, “The 10 Worst Online Marketing Ideas” or “The 5 Quickest Ways to Get Caught in the Spam Filter.”
  • Incorporate celebrities into posts (if appropriate for your industry) – i.e., “Top 10 Celebrity Tweets of the Week”
  • Leverage the sticky headline formula, “number + adjective + sticky message” – i.e., Lee’s recent post, “10 Must Read Tips to Start a Small Business Blog” (see image below)

4. Promote the blog on your corporate website.

It’s important to gain some valuable real estate on the homepage of your corporate site – particularly in the early stages of getting a new blog up and running. Create a button with a link to the blog to appear on the homepage, or at the least provide a link to the blog in the nav. The Otter Group does a good job of promoting its blog on the homepage of its corporate website (see image below).

In addition to the homepage, ensure the blog is included in the upper and right-hand nav on all website pages. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your blog.

5. Promote the blog offline.

For all of the online channels available to promote your blog, there are just as many offline channels to leverage. Don’t limit yourself to the online world. Instead:

  • Add your blog URL to business cards.
  • Promote your blog at industry events.
  • Get print publications to pick up blog posts.
  • Use word of mouth to let customers and business partners know of the new blog.
  • Include the blog URL in the boilerplate of press releases (and in online releases, too).

Of course, these five tips are just a few of many ways to promote and market business blogs. Whatever promotional efforts you choose, look for tactics that will help you reach business goals whether they are increasing awareness, garnering buzz in the media or driving additional website traffic.

What tactics have you used to promote your blog?

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  1. Timely post! Our company is about to get it's blog up and running and this is the information I need. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Tips 1,2,3 are great. 1 especially, nothing like connecting with a big blogger to drive traffic and influence to your new blog.

  4. Not sure who said it… think it was either Darren Rowse or Brian Clark, but guest posting is the new article marketing. A guest post on a high-traffic, influential industry blog can drive tons of traffic and elevate your credibility.

    Your Steps 1 & 2 are great ways to get on the radar of influential bloggers in your industry and earn an invite to do a guest post.

    • I agree guest posting is a useful content marketing tactic. Guest posting has always been a good way to cross pollinate exposure to an audience not unlike contributing articles to print and online publications.

      Funny think about that is, we don't accept guest posts here but then again the purpose of our blog doesn't call for contributions from outside voices except for comments and the occasional post we solicit from our clients that sell into the marketing industry.

  5. Thanks for the sharing, I am always looking for new ideas to promote my blog.
    At the moment I seem to have far more RSS clicks than blog subscribers.
    So you are right there' RSS and Feed Burner is important, just to add: you can validate your blog with yahoo and google, and it will show up on yahoo blog search, too. (it works)

  6. Great resource! I love the tip about including celebrity tweets — that's a new one for me, and I'll be using it soon!

  7. Avatar Inbound Promotions says

    Very informative and fresh ideas! This is what I love about this industry is that we all are willing to create an environment where we redistribute good ideas. What works for one person on one side of the country will help inspire others around the world to be able to implement ideas from all over and incorporate into a personalized plan.

  8. Avatar portableswimmingpool says

    the information which you are given in this site is very useful

  9. Great ideas here. I especially like the idea of involving other bloggers into the mix. I think a lot of new bloggers might not think of this, or might feel like they have nothing to offer a more established blogger. It's good to remember that they are always looking for ways to expand their audience. And even though your new blog may not have a big audience now, it will very soon. It's not a difficult investment for an established blogger to put some effort into helping a new blogger by doing an interview for a pay off of reaching out to a growing audience on a new platform.

  10. Avatar chrispontoon says

    You know I have been hearing more and more about adding your URL to business cards. It makes a lot of sense especially if you are interacting with others that are enjoying the same niche as you.

  11. As a new blogger, this is exactly the sort of information I need to begin promoting and expanding my reader base. Thank you.

  12. Avatar seo_training says

    I particularly like #5 because the offline world is often overlooked by businesses when building their online presence.

    • Unfortunately, I think you're right about the offline world being overlooked. The two can really complement each other, in many different situations.

  13. Great tips. I think in order to capture the life span of your traffic, you must have a blog with good contents and appealing design.

  14. Great tips, I like how you suggest to go where the people are.


  15. Regarding posting a new blog post to social media, I would add that should not compromise all your tweets/status updates. Other content should be mixed in as well so it doesn't come across as spam.

    The headline formula you posted is gold… I can't help but click on headlines like that. In fact, I've been on sites that contain multiple posts with these types of headings, and I end up reading the site for an hour or so.

  16. I like to use FeedBurner for the RSS Feed; it has a lot of nice features. And Technorati is a great place to claim your blog.

  17. I agree with using tools like Twitter to share blog posts so long as you do not use automated software that constantly loops the same announcements. Some companies believe that they will build a following by Tweeting the same 15 messages over and over, but the messages eventually come across as spam. Tisk tisk….

  18. Avatar susanlin says

    i have read your work and i learn thanks

  19. These are some great tips. I like to use Twitter to share my blog posts and Feedburner and will try out some of these tips.

  20. I was unaware of Google FeedBurner, I will definitely check that tool out. Point 3 is both logical and interesting “number + adjective + sticky message” such as your title “5 Sure Fire Tactics to Promote a Business Blog”, just enough to engage a browser to click on the article. This is my first visit, I’ll be back.

  21. These are all great tips, well worth sharing! Don't forget to measure the impact of increased traffic in your web analytics platform (by channel!). Traffic alone and a dollar-twenty-five will buy you a bottle of coke.

  22. I think these tips are great, we try to implement them with all of the clients who want social media.

  23. Avatar Box9Design says

    Fantastic post. I'm amazed at the quality of information available to a newbie blogger/SEM like me. Thanks mucho!

  24. This is something we have been struggling with, so thank you for you insight!

  25. You know I always here to promote my blog on a business card. Has anyone personally had much success with this or been told they love the fact your URL is posted on the card? Just curious because I know I haven't ventured that route.

  26. Avatar erikmanassy says

    Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize that I would be giving them “Link” Juice… Great idea.

  27. Another good way to promote your blog is target your readers. I need a post about identifying “tire kicker” leads, shared it to the Solo PR group on LinkedIn. Turned out to be a good audience for that post and it got me a few more readers and followers. FWIW.

    • Thanks Davina. Our Michelle Bowles who authored this post is very good at targeting readers. You'll notice every Friday she posts a very specific topic and always 5 tips. They average over 250 retweets each and thousands of web visitors!

  28. Also, add a QRCode for your blog on the blog (and for sure on the back of your business code), especially if your blog url is long enough to be discouraging for mobile users to type. Make sure your blog reads well from a mobile device, so that mUsers can catch up with your content during down time.

  29. Avatar Asya Rahim says

    I think many business owners/ bloggers etc..forget about regular old offline marketing opportunities to promote your online projects; pay close attention to #5

    • Exactly – it's not unlike the web site marketing tips we were giving in the late nineties: publish your web site address everywhere you publish your biz phone number. Same goes today for blogs.

  30. Great and informative blog post. A really important point – and one I'd like to highlight – is the importance of offline promotion for your blog. It's surprising many that will actually check out an URL on a business card or publication. People are naturally curious, so if you caught their attention, it's likely they'll check out your blog as well.

  31. Done it! This is a great list and a good reminder for me and my clients. Thanks!

  32. Avatar charlcoetzee says

    Promoting the blog offline is a pretty good idea…

  33. A great article on how to promote your blog. They key is to keep promoting it off line and online. Thanks for a great article.

  34. Thanks! I just moved my unread blog over to wordpress and am trying to get it up and running. Great info! I’d re-tweet it if i knew how. . hellllppp! ha ha

  35. These are really good ways to promote your blog! There are many ideas here that I haven't thought of before, so thanks! With so many blogs vying for readers' attention, a blogger can get all the help she can get.

    P.S. I think it's also great to come out with a newsletter, that way you'll always have a direct line to your readers. You'll find a good article about newsletters here It's a good read if you don't have a newsletter yet, and it's also helpful if you want to improve your existing.

  36. Avatar jeffhopeck says

    Promoting your company blog using social media is certainly a staple tactic for anyone wishing to build traffic to their blog/website. There are so many great ways to market a blog, and your post certainly defines 5 great ones, here's 2 I love.

    1. I personally love the OnlyWire plugin for Mozilla. You can bookmark and share any page within your blog, post within your blog, etc…

    2. The 30/30 rule. Meaning, within 30 minutes of hitting SUBMIT, send the link to a list of 30 family/friends that you have saved, and ask them to help spread it. If the post helps 2 or 3 of them solve a problem, chances are they will pass it along!

    I named it 30/30 for obvious reasons. Although it sounds simple, it's very very effective. Just get into the habit of doing this and your traffic will increase quickly.

    Thanks for the great post!

  37. Avatar Jerry/CMT Creative Marketing says

    Another method would be to list your blog url on all your collateral then sign up with the major blog directories such as Technorati….

  38. Great blog post giving an overview of possible methods to use in your promotional efforts. I've written a blog post listing an additional 3 tactics to promote your business blog to supplement the list above ( These are in short:

    1. Be part of your community
    2. Advertise on Facebook
    3. Do a contest

    Obviously not every tactic is worth persuing in every business, but I find that these 8 general promotional methods will work across many types of markets.

  39. Avatar netsuiteseo says

    One of the best thing is that promote your blog with social networking because it is the easiest way to promote and get lots of benefits from this network.And important thing is that,update your blogs frequently and get in touch with your network in social media.

  40. Avatar anneaguilar says

    These are very helpful tips. Nice idea especially to promote it offline. Another could be having someone to send your blogs to people's emails. So it's not just people coming in to your blog but also your blog enters in to emails. I learned that with, they just sent out my blog to 400 people to promote it.

  41. If the industry your company revolves around isn't a highly blogged industry, would it make sense to go cross industry and link to other industries bloggers, as long as it is still relevant?

  42. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for the article, a great read! This is really useful advice for us as we are about to go live with our blog on our website, so all the tips on how to promote and what to write about will be taken on board for sure.

    I particularly like the idea of counterintuitive blog posts – definitely a way to get people's attention I reckon.

    Thanks again.

  43. Great Post. Your example of counter-intuitive posts – i.e, “The 10 Worst Online Marketing Ideas” or “The 5 Quickest Ways to Get Caught in the Spam Filter.” is a great way to get your blog searched well and also creates a good discussion.

  44. hi friend i just read this site and i learn more trips from here.

  45. I found this site because my industry (designing and producing custom lanyards) is obviously heavily tied in with marketing and promotion. Coincidentally, this topic is exactly one that I have been wondering about. It can be tough to find the right type of blog posts that will both interest readers as well as drive in potential new customers.

    For instance, if I were to create a “Ten Valuable Promotional Tools” post on my Lanyard Lab blog, that may interest both those looking to promote their businesses as well as my existing customers who may already be buying lanyards from us but are searching for additional ways to market themselves.

    However, if I were to write “Ten Celebrity Tweets about Lanyards” – no one would care on either end of the spectrum.

    So I think relevance is very important to the posts. And it doesn't hurt to have a personality and sense of humor as well. 🙂

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  47. Avatar mitchdcba says

    Thank you for mentioning this. It's amazing what progress a lot of biz blogs could make if they mastered the basics before chasing shiny objects. 🙂
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