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BIGLIST Update: These SEO Blogs Are No April Fools

Lee Odden     BIGLIST Marketing Blogs

On this fine April Fool’s day BIGLIST foregos the tricks and brings you yet another collection of better than average SEO & SEM blog reviews. Over the past 2 years we’ve reviewed over 1,000 SEO blogs and we offer you 5 more to add to your RSS reader and get search engine smart.

Think Traffic – This blog by internet entreprenuer Corbett Barr  makes some serious promises: “…teach you the techniques, tools and knowledge you need to build real, sustainable web traffic without a big budget.”  Sounds pretty good to me. Corbett relates his experiences with past projects and growing an audience for Think Traffic to the benefit of readers.  This very new blog offers practical tips and is well designed enough to get our top listing for this week’s review.

Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg – Best selling author of multiple books, Bryan Eisenberg begged me for months to add his new blog to the BIGLIST. I challenged Bryan to write another best selling book, start a new company, become a keynote speaker at several popular industry conferences and lose at least 30 pounds. (Hey, we set the bar high for the BIGLIST).  Of course, I’m kidding about the challenge (and the begging). Bryan has accomplished all of those things and much more while writing an excellent blog on conversion optimization and internet marketing strategy with his brother Jeffrey, who is also a best selling author, keynote speaker and online marketing strategist for major brands.

Jeff Bullas’s Blog – Jeff works as a sales and marketing manager at Infinity Technologies and his self-titled blog flavors towards social media – offering examples, case studies, lists of tips posts and insights from setting aside his traditional marketing roots and current focus on building trust and relationships with customers through social media, permission and inbound marketing.

CanuckSEO – Long time internet marketing veteran Jim Rudnick writes with passion and flair about “Canadian SEO for Google Success!” as well as small business, local SEM and plenty of flavorful opinion posts on a variety of search marketing industry topics. Go for the tips, stay for the story telling and enthusiasm.

Honorable Mention

Lip Service – Laura Lippay is an ex-circus performer, SEO pioneer, very classy woman and currently Director of Technical Marketing for Yahoo! Media. Laura teases us all by occasionally writing about life and search marketing on this blog that just isn’t active enough to be added to the full BIGLIST. But the Feb 2010 posts are certainly worth an Honorable Mention.

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  1. Avatar jimrudnick says

    WooHoo! Made the TopRank listing! Now that's an April 1st reward that's worth having, eh!

    So thanks Lee et al…muchly appreciated! And nice to know that I'm now a part of other SEO/SEM bloggers at the top of their craft too!

  2. Thanks Lee – you are far too nice!

    It just so happens that I’m about to relaunch lauralippay.com with lots more stuff (especially around the future of tech + marketing) PLUS my personal website at howsyourpony.com coming out in the next few weeks. Very excited!

    Thanks again for the props. 🙂

  3. Hi Lee, I just wanted to say that I’m honored to be included here. Top Rank is one of my favorite online marketing blogs, and a mention from you is really awesome. Cheers!

  4. Avatar matthewneedham says

    Not being an SEO Expert I found this list useful. Will be checking them all out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. More good new blogs to read. What are you trying to do to me?

  6. Avatar Create a Website says

    Top Rank is my favorite online marketing blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. If you recommend them, they might be worth it. I'll have a look..

  8. If you recommend them, they might be worth it. I'll have a look..

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