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Top 5 Search Terms at Online Marketing Blog – Including Pirates

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Here on Online Marketing Blog, we post a tremendous amount of insight on organic  search optimization and content marketing related topics each month. But how about the site search tool on our own blog? Who’s searching for what, and why? And what are they finding?

Mining the site search report from Google Analytics can be very useful since it’s an indication of what our visitors want to read more of. Here are the six most popular site search terms for Online Marketing Blog including our favorite, “pirates”.

1. Facebook

With Facebook taking off as a top channel for social media marketing, it’s no wonder that them comes up as our leading search query. Just consider the recent numbers:

  • Facebook boasts more than 400 million active users
  • 50% of Facebook users log on during any given day
  • More than 20 million Facebook users become fans of pages every day

A quick Online Marketing Blog site search for “Facebook” yields recent posts on tools for sharing microcontent, insight on social media advertising and how to leverage channels like Facebook to take advantage of real-time search.

2. Twitter

Speaking of popular social media marketing channels, Twitter takes to No. 2 spot for most common site searched on Online Marketing blog. Twitter may only have less than 106 million users compared with Facebook’s 400 million. But consider how quickly Twitter is growing and how active its users are:

  • New users sign up at the rate of 300,000 per day
  • 180 million unique visitors visit the site every month
  • Users post an average of 55 million tweets a day

So what can you get with a search for Twitter on Online Marketing Blog? Learn more about the role of news in blended search or find ways to electrify your social network.

3. Books

Who says print is dead? “Books” turns up as our fourth most popular search term.

Here on the Online Marketing Blog, we’ve posted reviews of some of latest most intriguing marketing online marketing books like “The Art of SEO.”

Plus, we’ve conducted exclusive interview with some of the hottest marketing authors out there, such as David Meerman Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing.” We’ve even polled our readers on the best available books on SEO.

4. Social Media

These days, social media isn’t just a hot topic for B2C marketers looking to connect with consumers on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Social media is equally as relevant in the B2B world. In fact, 91% of business buyers read blogs, watch user generated video and participate in other social media, according to Forrester Research.

A “social media” search on Online Marketing blog pulls up posts on setting and measuring goals for business blogging, which social media sites are the biggest time wasters and the risks of sponsored blog posts.

5. Email Marketing

Contrary to predictions, RSS never did replace Email. Social media and network use and status updates or microblogging haven’t “killed” the popularity of email either. In fact, there have been reports that Email use is actually up. So it certainly makes sense that our readers are looking for more information on email marketing.

A search for “email marketing” reveals some insight posts including, “5 Top Email Marketing Tactics for 2010“, 5 Tips for Effective Email Copywriting” and “How Social Media & Email Marketing Boost Customer Reach“.

And Finally: Pirates!

Few things seem less relevant to Online Marketing Blog than pirates. Yet somehow it’s one of the most searched terms on the blog.

So what do pirates have to do with Internet marketing and Web 2.0? There is an answer in this social media marketing post, we promise. Hint: It has to do with Dave McClure.

Are you analyzing the top search phrases on your web site? Are you using that insight to guide your site content?

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  1. Social Media is one of the best online marketing pirates.

  2. Interesting that books are still above social media!

  3. The trick is you need to be where your audience is. So if they are on Facebook or Twitter then you should be there as well. However, regardless of your business, most people have email and since it is such a common way of getting messages to people, it will keep increasing. But just to be on the safe side and cover all our bases, maybe we should include “pirates” in everything we do just in case! Ha ha.

  4. Avatar Sean_Gallagher says

    Wow. I'm excited that you shared this information. I never would have guessed that one of the top online marketing blogs would get top searches of facebook and twitter… I figured that it would be mostly about SEO, backlinking, Google updates etc.

    I run a similar blog ( and I teach people how to start up businesses online. I'm sure that they too are probably hearing things about twitter and facebook as marketing tools and want to learn more.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. Nice information

  6. Hey–I've always loved pirates…ha ha.
    I am just getting into internet marketing to help promote my business more on line. Thank you for this informative post.

  7. Avatar rgcreativeweb says

    very interesting information about your website in your article. Also I am surprised with figures of active users at facebook and twitter. Probably thats why they are the leading in social media.

  8. I would like to see what impact Kindle will have on search term “books”. Will it be replaced with ebooks? Let's wait and watch.

    • The impact of news, slang, popular culture, localization and the changing nature of language are all opportunities for search and social keyword monitoring.

  9. Avatar Matthew Zinda says

    Wow! I read alot of things that I know about, but the light bulb doesn't come on until I hear it explained in other people's words.

    No traffic guru can call themselves a traffic guru if they don't weigh social media as a very heavy traffic generating technique.

    Just look at the internal searched for terms your blog. Social media, or a form there of, are 3 of the top 5 internal searched for terms, and I'm sure the terms that are searched for on other websites and blogs are very similar.

    You are making a big mistake if you are not providing solutions to these searches on your website or blog.

    Thank You-

    Matthew Zinda

  10. Hi……….
    Very interesting information about your website in your article. Also I am surprised with figures of active users at facebook and twitter.
    Thanks for info.

  11. Avatar anthonycray says

    This is all more proof that the internet with its 1.5 billion and growing users that maybe YOU should get into mix and brand your self. I think its easier said tha done, I have stumbled across Carbon Copy Pro has anyone heard of it…as a business person I use it and I think its great!!!

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    Cho Yung Tea

  13. nice info about marketing blog and pirate too

  14. Avatar Marcus Dane says

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