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5 Ways to Leverage Real Time Search in Your Online Marketing Mix

real-time searchSince late 2009 when Google introduced real time search, the concept has gained a lot of attention.

Today, real time search is at the top of the priority lists for all the major search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

As part of the new technology, Google is combining live updates from sites like Twitter with the latest news headlines and blog posts in search results.

For web searchers, real time search means the ability to discover breaking news the minute it’s happening.

For marketers, it presents a whole host of opportunities to increase online visibility. Here, we’ve provided five ways to leverage real time search in your online marketing efforts.


1. Develop the type of content that supports real time SEO

With real time search, frequently publishing online content becomes a must. Try incorporating these three types of content to support both traditional and real time SEO programs:

  • Tweets and Facebook fan page updates: Micro content from social sites now has the ability to appear in search results. It’s quick and easy to frequently post Tweets and Facebook fan pages updates, so both should play a big role in your real time SEO content strategy.
  • Blog posts: Blogging presents the opportunity to help your content rank and show thought leadership at the same time – since blog posts can offer more valuable information than micro content.
  • Optimized press releases: By optimizing press releases and submitting them through authoritative newswires, you can help your content achieve high rankings.


2. Mobilize your fan base

Creating a core group of brand advocates is important for a number of reasons. They recommend your products and services to their friends and family, defend your reputation in times of trouble and are more likely to adopt future products and services you introduce.

Now add one more benefit to the list: Brand advocates – particularly authoritative ones – can link to your content to help keep in the real time stream.

In addition, brand advocates who are active on social sites like Twitter can create their own content about your company that can appear in real time search results.


3. Know what’s hot in the news

With real time search, it’s important to recognize both what users are searching for online and what they’re discussing via social channels – at this very minute. Create frequently updated content that speaks to the latest topics and trends, and is optimized for the latest search terms.

A variety of tools exist to help monitor search and conversation trends:

  • Google Trends: Use this free tool to find the hottest topics and hottest searches in Google
  • Social Mention: Determine the strength, sentiment and reach for terms used throughout the social web, including blogs, microblogs, social networks, video sites and news sites
  • BlogPulse: Find the top blog posts, key phrases, new stories and more from across the search universe or related a specific topic
  • Delicious: See the types of content that goes wild across the social web
  • Trendistic: Learn trending topics in Twitter over the last 24 hours, week, month or more (see image below)

Trendistic shows “online marketing” trends over the past 30 days.


4. Time your content promotion efforts wisely

Give your content an extra boost by monitoring when blog posts, articles and other online content are indexes in Google News or Google Blog Search. Then ensure tweets, Facebook fan page updates and other social content promotions are timed right after the content is indexed. Doing so will help you take advantage of every opportunity to appear in real time search results.


5. Optimize your web site and online content for mobile technologies

Real time search is relevant on many mobile devices, including Android and iPhone devices. So Web site optimization for mobile technologies becomes even more important.

Consider these few mobile SEO tips:

  • Limit the use of images
  • Keep the design simple and clean
  • Test to ensure your site appears as it should across various mobile devices

The bottom line is, it’s crucial to take advantage of every real time search opportunity that comes around. Remember that these opportunities won’t stick around for long – presenting themselves quickly and then disappearing. It is real time, after all.

Have you implemented real time SEO into your online marketing mix? Tell us what best practices you’ve found so far.

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  1. these are really very nice inputs Michelle ….. Thanks fr sharing the information ….

  2. Number 4 is a really interesting point of consideration. Cool post.

  3. I do wonder… When multiple sites display similar popular RSS content from blogs and social media, does it raise “duplicate content” in the search engines and, if so, to what extent? This could have implications as to how effective “riding the wave” of real-time content would really be.

    • Interesting question. I don't think RSS headlines in combination with other content on the page are enough to confuse search engines as duplicate content. If the page is only made up of RSS headlines and changes often, it won't rank for the same thing over time any way.

  4. These are great suggestions! The tools in #3 can be used as that extra blog-topic inspiration on days when writer's block strikes. When coming up with a new topic, why not make sure it's something relevant? While not all worthwhile content is going to be a top-trending topic, this can be mixed in with good editing for an extra boost. Thanks for the article!

  5. Avatar Lisa | SEO Brisbane says

    One of the things I like to do is to schedule my twitter activity so that I am active during all hours even when I am not on there. When your business in multi-national you need to at least appear to be online and active, even if you are over the otherside of the world fast asleep so scheduling takes care of that for you.

    • The only problem with that Lisa is when those international people want to actually interact with you and all they have is a scheduled tweet. BTW, that is the longest URL without a sessionid I've ever seen!

  6. @frisco : yes what does this mean , if people are using the same RSS feeds on their websites, will google mark this site down as well as the other sites that are using this feed. Anyone comments ? Nice post, some new and interesting ways to get traffic.

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  11. Funny how you mention optimized press releases. I have been optimizing press releases for some time now. It seems a forgotten element in the mix that is stuck to ancient writing rules.

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