10 Ways to Create a More Engaging Facebook Page

Facebook MarketingFacebook pages can be a huge way to connect to audiences. Facebook statistics tell us that the average user (at the time of this writing) is connected to 60 pages, groups and events. This means that aside from all the other Facebook friend activity that goes on, your page is one of 60 trying to grab attention a fan’s attention.

For a more effective social media marketing program, here are ten things that you can do to turn your Facebook page into a dynamic and engaging destination for your Facebook fans.

1. Be unique

There’s nothing worse than a bland Facebook page. Think long and hard about how your page can be different. Remember, your page is one of at least 60 things that an average Facebook user is giving attention to. It’s insanely important that your page is unique and stands out from the rest.

Design is a major part of being unique on Facebook. Check out these excellent examples of creative Facebook fan pages for inspiration. You can never go wrong investing time and resources into a great design for your Facebook page.

Think creatively about how you can add value to Facebook users. Can you give them something? Can you provide them with help, or resources? These are the things that will get people joining your Facebook page and keep them coming back.

2. Don’t use a generic landing page

Facebook allows you to customize what page different types of users land on. You can show people who have never been to your page before a completely different message than people who are already fans on your page. It’s a great idea to show potential users a page specifically tailored for them. It might give a little background about your company or site, and would give them a great reason for joining.

Never let new users land on your Wall. The Wall doesn’t really tell anything about your brand, and it won’t have much impact on new visitors.

3. Give something away quickly

Your die-hard followers won’t need any reason for joining your fan page. But if you’re trying to really grow your Facebook presence, consider giving resources back to your community and niche. This allows you to reach other potential fans within your niche that might not have known about your Facebook page.

4. Use a large profile picture

People on Facebook want to see photos. After all, Facebook is far and away the biggest photo sharing site on the web. So make sure your page has a large photo of your company or brand as the profile picture. This helps with branding and adds trust to your profile.

5. Tag fans in photos

This is a great tip if you’re a brick and mortar business. If you’re somehow able to take pictures of your customers, tag them within the picture. Many people have Facebook notifications that alert them when they’ve been tagged in photos, and this will bring them back to your page.

Your fans also have the ability to upload photos as well. (This might require some moderation on your part. As with anything user generated, you might get some spam, etc.) Allowing fans to upload and tag themselves and friends in your pages automatically adds a nice social “hook” to your page.

Not only are you giving back by adding photos, you’re also keeping your brand planted firmly in the fan’s mind.

6. Use contests

Contests are a great way to make your fan page more engaging, and they also give incentive for potential fans to join. Contests that include giveaways can be excellent marketing tools if they’re done properly.

7. Integrate multiple social networks

You can use multiple Facebook applications to pull in your other already existing accounts from other social networking sites. With the help of some nifty applications, you can pull in Twitter, Flickr, and many others fairly quickly.

8. Thank people for becoming your fans

When someone becomes a fan on Facebook, immediately thank them! Give them something in return, like an ebook or coupon, or at the very least send them a quick “thanks!” message.

This small gesture can be huge in spreading goodwill about your page and brand. It might even give users more incentive to share your contests and resources on your fan page.

9. Don’t treat your fans like kids

In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook has grown up a lot in the past few years. What used to be a place for college students and younger is now a place for everyone. According to this report from istrategy labs, the fastest growing demographic on Facebook in 2009 was adults aged 55 and over. The largest overall demographic on Facebook is ages 35-54, which makes up 29% of all Facebook users.

So don’t write for an audience of teenagers. Everyone is now on Facebook. Sure, your brand might dictate the writing style for your target audience. (Seventeen magazine sounds quite different than AARP.) But don’t make the mistake that the only people visiting and joining Facebook Fan pages are teenagers and college kids.

10. Keep at it

Oftentimes people will create their pages and leave them. Facebook pages are breeding grounds for excellent feedback and engagement. Many people are starting to find that Facebook pages have excellent discussions and high interaction rates, oftentimes higher than Twitter and other social networks. Photos and contests are great interaction tools, and posting stories and articles also add lots of value to the community.

There are plenty of ways to stay involved with Facebook fan pages. Growing a fan base on Facebook for your page requires work, but engaging with your community on Facebook pays huge dividends. For more Facebook Fan page tips, check out this post.

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  1. Great tips.. I like the “give theings away” people luv free stuff lol

  2. One caveat to number 7, people don't like feeds and often complain about anything that comes in through Twitter because it includes syntax they don't understand.

    • Good point – automation of that sort does need refinement to work well.

    • I do agree with you lavrusik… though it's feasible to have feeds come in through apps that likes of offer and they just go on a tab of their own, not into the feeds. Networked Blogs rocks for your blog. Or a ninja trick I use is to import only my Twitter favorites feed via the RSS Graffiti app. 🙂

  3. Good stuff. Keep in mind when running contests that you can only give away prizes for becoming a “fan”, anything else is against Facebook's terms of service. I definitely encourage the use of tagging photos, this helps generate more fans.

    • Ah, that's good to know. Thanks!

    • Jacinta, that's a good call – Facebook contest rules can be found here:

    • Didn’t Ikea run a massively successful contest in Sweden, in which they awarded free furniture to those who tagged themselves in showroom photos? Does that mean they were running counter to Facebook’s TOS?

      • Hi Matt, Ikea did run a contest and it did get them some publicity. It was run before FB implemented their contest rules. Also, it was not massively successful from in terms of a return from their costs to award free furniture and the amount of engagement & new fans achieved on the fan page.

  4. Avatar oliverolsen says

    About being unique / different. Caveat: it has to be a difference that your market truly cares about. Overlooking this is the number one thing that kills the power of your USP. Tip: think about two stories (needs, desires, problems) that are playing in your prospect's mind…if you can give them something that puts two of those stories together for the first time, you probably have a winning USP.

  5. Some good common sense tips but I have to disagree with a couple. #2 isnt entirely true. While custom landing pages and different landing pages depending on the user arent a bad idea, the notion of the wall as your landing page being bad is wrong imo. I purposely have our landing page setup to the wall so prospective likers can see that we do interact and use the page as a fun engaging space, not another website or place to push a marketing message. All a custom landing page is good for is tracking your customers. While #5 is a great idea there is one huge problem. An admin of the page has to be a friend of someone through their personal account to tag them in a photo. If you have a person whose job it is to be a community manager, director of communications etc and you feel comfortable in them being personal friends of your customers/likers on Facebook then by all means send friend requests and tag away. Lavrusik hit it dead on when he said be careful with feeds. Facebook isnt Twitter. Let your FB fans know you are on Twitter but engage them separately. FB is a different medium with a different user base, dont mix the two. While its ok to connect Flickr with FB if you take alot of pics dont post them all to your wall, it may overload your likers.

  6. Great ideas here, Glen – two thumbs up!! 🙂

    • We're still deciding where to have a FB Like button and whether it should replace the counter widget…

      • Ahh, makes sense, Lee. I wouldn't replace the counter widget as that counts the times your post was actually posted to Facebook user's walls with the link, image and paragraph of blurb… as you may know. The Like button just pushes a one-line item into the FB stream, though you can add the comment feature too… which then, in fact, acts identically to the Share on Facebook feature. lol!!

        Also, there's much more to this Like Button than I first realized myself. There's a way to tweak the plugin and get the Admin button that only you will see and when you click it, you'll see a list of all your “Likers” for that post and can then publish content to their FB stream, and send them updates. Unreal!

        I've got the WP Like plugin at the top & bottom of each post but have my tech peeps on the ghost page thing right now as it's a bit beyond my geekyness — this post may help:

  7. A combination of “Boxes tab” with FBML application can help in making attractive landing pages.

  8. Avatar BuckeyeVA says

    Thank you for the tips! I've shared them with my Facebook friends 🙂

  9. Avatar samirsoriano says

    There's definitely huge value in making your Facebook page nice. On the more high-end level when it comes to Facebook Fan Page design, companies like Involver ( have had a ton of success designing celebrity and enterprise level fan pages.

    For the Fan Page that's on a bit less of a budget and want to get their Fan Page out there, a product called Fan ReTargeting by ReTargeter aims to advertise a company's Fan Page to a very hypertargeted audience (targeted only to people who shown engagement in the brand by visiting the advertiser's website).

    So there are definitely tools out there, above the best practices which you've mentioned, for companies to help them make their page nice and to get the word out. Of course, it's always great to keep the best practices in mind.

  10. Avatar Lisa | SEO Brisbane says

    Thanks for this great post. I think that there is a great divide between those who know how to use facebook appropriately and those who think it is just another avenue for broadcasting your advertising message. Your loyal fans can quickly become you best online friends if you manage your online presence correctly. I have developed some long standing relationships with some of our FB friends.

  11. Facebook pages can be a huge way to connect to audiences. Facebook statistics tell us that the average user (at the time of this writing) is connected to 60 pages, groups and events.

  12. Great article. We are only just starting to explore F/book and this was extremely helpful. Many thanks again.

  13. How do you thank or tag someone on a business page. It shows my personal friends when I try to tag them.

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  15. Avatar jaredfranc says

    Hi Ching Ya,

    Great post thanks for all the lovely tips…I am currently setting up my companies Facebook fan page and would like to know how to make to add pictures etc. eg. when you go to Vodafone's fan page…it has pictures and text and looks like a website in facebook. is this an application?


  16. Avatar uncommoncarib says

    Great tips. I feel like #2 is a tricky one we may try out on our own page.

  17. Avatar says

    brilliant article. We do follow some principles but will surely adopt more of them mentioned here.

  18. Very informative article. I hope to increase the visibility of the site by adopting these effective techniques.

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