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Brian Clark on Content Marketing with Blogs

Brian Clark CopybloggerOpenCamp’s Sunday schedule included presentations on blogging that included Chris Pirillo, Brian Clark and myself. I caught up with Brian before he gave his presentation to give us a little preview. John P. ended up using the video as the segue between Brian and I as we changed microphones.

Watch as Brian talks about the importance of planning content and understanding its purpose in order to be effective with blog copywriting. He also mentioned that traditional media is still doing some things right and we new media types would do well to identify what those things are and use that insight for our own publishing and content marketing efforts.

I think Brian’s presentation on content planning and editorial was a perfect setup to the marketing of content presentation that I gave afterwards, but of course I’m biased.  Of course you can find a cornucopia of copy writing and content marketing advice at Copyblogger.

My next and last post from OpenCa.mp will include a summary of my presentation along with the actual PPT deck embedded within the post.

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  1. Thanks for he video. nnIt seems pretty simple…content planning and having the end in mind. I so often see blogs that just seem to blather along and loose me so quick. nnLove the idea of thinking like a trade magazine. nn

  2. Awesome Guy this Brian! I think he is very right in analyzing what the old media does well and applying it to the new media. Sometimes we lose perspective and don’t realize that these guys still make a lot of money, so they must be dong things right.

  3. Every company is a media company 🙂