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Recipe for Blogging Success at BlogWorld New Media Expo

social media SEO recipe for successMarketers like formulas and what better metaphor for successful online marketing with blogs than a recipe?

At the upcoming BlogWorldExpo conference in Las Vegas, I’ll be giving my recipe for success using Social Media and SEO in two ways:

First, I’ll be doing a solo presentation on Social Media SEO, giving bloggers a tested methodology for making the most of their content and social networks.

This presentation will focus on the value of combining SEO best practices with social media marketing to amplify the reach and traffic for blogs. I’ll outline and share examples of how to  build a Cycle of Social Media Interaction.  Specifics will include:

  • How bloggers can leverage keyword research to develop a blog editorial calendar
  • Best practices on creating and promote optimized content
  • How to increase exposure through social channels of distribution
  • Tips on organic growth of  fans/friends/subscribers and inbound links
  • How to increase search and social media traffic
  • How to mine community conversation data to further refine content strategy that continues the cycle

To see the detailed presentation, you’ll need to get out to Las Vegas  October 14-16 for BlogWorld New Media Expo 2010. In the meantime, here is a short version of the presentation I’ll be giving using the aforementioned recipe metaphor.

Second, I’m literally going to talk about SEO for recipes to food bloggers, “The Art & Science of Recipe Writing” on a panel with Jennifer Perillo, John Shiple and Sean Percival as part of the TECHmunch track. I believe it will be livestreamed so be sure to check in with @toprank for the link.

BlogWorld New Media Expo is a unique event bringing together online marketing professionals from a variety of disciplines ranging from public relations to SEO to affiliate marketing to food and military bloggers.  Be sure to subscribe for liveblogging coverage and video interviews during the event.

Now back to our metaphor: What’s your recipe to blogging success?

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  1. this is really nice i love ithadeer

  2. Shame I’ll be unable to make the Expo at this stage, as the presentation/recipe looks interesting.

    I think using data we can all access for an ‘editorial calendar’ is a solid point.

    One point I’d like to add is the addition of a schedule for regular blog related tasks. e.g. Fri 9am-10am keyword research, Fri 10-10:30am editorial calendar for the week 3 weeks from now, Mon 9am – 12pm article writing, etc.

  3. Avatar Joseph Bestler says

    Lee, how do you feel about blog commenting to gain links and then submitting the commented blog to different social media and bookmarking sites? Do you think that is a good way to spend time promoting a website, or do you think that the time could be spent better doing other forms of link building?

    • Most links from blogs are nofollow. Comments should be made to add value to the discussion. If that results in additional value for SEO, great. But commenting purely for SEO reasons is usually accompanied by poor quality, resulting in a degradation of overall content. Who links to crappy content? Time is best spent creating and promoting content worth linking to on your own website in my opinion.

      • Avatar Joseph Bestler says

        I totally agree. I believe that the comment has to bring value to the conversation. If not, you are actually working against yourself. I know a lot of people who have built relationships through commenting alone. It has to be a process which can’t be pushed if you want to become part of the community. Thanks for you opinion.