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Viva Las Vegas Pubcon 2010

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Las Vegas I’ve been attending WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon conference in Las Vegas for at least 6 years although I didn’t liveblog that first one for some reason. In fact I first interviewed Pubcon founder, Brett Tabke, in 2005.  By no means am I an “old timer” since the show has been running for a lot longer than I’ve been attending but I do have some history with it.

When people ask me about great conference options to learn practical SEO and PPC, Pubcon is always included in my recommendations.  Being held in Las Vegas lends a certain flavor to the event, as in there are plenty of after-event networking opportunities.  Sessions are great, but its the in person connections you make and develop that yield tips, tactics that aren’t always forthcoming during the day.

The lineup at this year’s Pubcon is seriously impressive with tracks for:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Marketing
  • SEO
  • Affiliate
  • Webmasters
  • Expert Spotlight
  • Interactive Site Reviews

Keynotes include David Pogue of New York Times as well as a Keynote Panel on Social Media with Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans, Scott Stratten & Brian Clark.

Some of the sessions I’m looking forward to include:

  • In-House SEO: Ash Nallawalla, Josh Gampel, Garrett Rent, Jessica L Bowman
  • Advanced Twitter – Apps, Services, and API Trends: Tracy Falke, Brian Breslin, Dan Zarrella
  • Interactive Site Reviews – Focus on Organic: Eric Enge, Bill Hunt, Stephan Spencer
  • SEO for Multimedia and Rich Media: Brian MacDonald, Morgan Brown, Wesley Cox, Marty Weintraub
  • Real World Winning Tactics for Content Creation and Marketing: Alison Driscoll, Heather Lloyd-Martin, Arnie Kuenn, Nick Stamoulis
  • Keynote Panel on Social Media: Chris Brogan, Sarah Evans, Scott Stratten, Brian Clark
  • SEO For E-Commerce Sites: Adam Audette, Rob Snell, William Atchison
  • Design, Content, and Marketing For A Mobile Website: Kurt Noer, Nathan Mellor, Michael Marti
  • Conversion Ninja Toolbox: Tim Ash
  • Mega Site SEO: Anita Bidari, Dan Perry, Derrick Wheeler, Melanie Mitchell
  • Convergence of Online Marketing and Analytics: Alan K’necht, Tom Critchlow, Maura Ginty, Chris Zaharias
  • Real World Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building: Greg Hartnett, Dixon Jones, Rae Hoffman, Aaron Shear
  • Competitors from the Darkside – Rogue SEO Tactics: Steve Plunkett, Carolyn Shelby, Giovanni Gallucci, Brett Tabke

On Thursday 11/11 at 3:15pm I’ll be speaking about Content Marketing: Intersection of SEO & Social Media with an all new version of the presentation I’ve given at SES.  This one is only 25 min or so and includes new examples.

I will also be moderating two sessions: one on “Real World Low-Risk High-Reward Link Building” with Greg Hartnett, Dixon Jones, Rae Hoffman and Aaron Shear. I will also be moderating another session on “Protecting Your Brand” with James Gold, Brett Tabke, Amanda Watlington.  I’m looking forward to the whole thing.

If you’ve been to Pubcon, what were your favorite sessions? Any stories you can tell that are actually “OK” to leave Las  Vegas?

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  1. Lee what would you like to see specifically on the advanced twitter API panel?

    • I don’t know if its relevant or not but I’m curious how data from Twitter is being used in concert with appending software like Flowtown to create profiles or personas. Also social CRM applications. Creative uses of twitter data basically.

  2. Pubcon in Orlando where the weather was colder there than anywhere else in the US, and the infamous swingers party on at the same hotel would have been awesome to Tweet and blog about for sure.

    I’m a huge fan of the super sessions and when I’m not speaking or moderating I always make the effort to be in other sessions, but it’s hard to be in 7 places at the same time.

    I actually think Pubcon might break Twitter this year!

  3. Can’t wait to see you guys at Pubcon.

  4. Avatar Mandi Hudson says

    I love Pubcon! Look forward to seeing you there!