Dave Folkens

5 Tips: Content Sharing Beyond Facebook

Alright, you’ve just come up with a brilliant and revolutionary idea that will forever change the face of your industry. So what do you do now?

If you’re like a lot of people, you run to Facebook and share it with your friends, colleagues, and anyone that will listen. Is that a bad strategy? Not necessarily, as Facebook and Twitter can be great places to reach large audiences. In fact, Facebook continued to grow even stronger in its use as a sharing site in 2010.

However, you can’t safely assume that Facebook is the only or best method of content distribution. Social media is a hot market right now and use of these channels are not a bad thing. Though a strategy of a few tweets and a fan page update will not get you to your goals. Ultimately there is no singular model that is always the ideal for any company but a few points to consider include:

Audience – I lead with this one as it should always be the first step in creating any marketing or communications plan. Who are you trying to reach and where are they? If you want customers that are highly engaged on mobile devices then Facebook could be a good fit with over 200 million people accessing the social media giant via their mobiles. If you’re seeking long-term content placement that might be reviewed in-depth, consider SlideShare where the demographics indicate  81 percent medium to heavy internet users and eight minutes spent on the site looking at content.

Influencers – After establishing your target audience you should move to identifying who has the ear of the audience you want to reach.  Spend some time researching terms and keywords that connect to your topic. Take advantage of the many tools out there like Google blog search, Alltop, PostRank and see who shapes the views of your audience.

Blogs – The benefits of a blog as a central hub of content are quite well established in terms of SEO for companies. Yet another benefit of a blog for many organizations is the simplicity of updates which can be made easily. Use your blog as a point of entry for beginning a dialogue. Engage here and you’ll begin to identify the content that your audience is actually seeking. Use it as a research tool to understand your audience further: check out the sites of those that leave comments on your blog, review your analytics to identify changes in referral sources, and offer opportunities for readers to share their questions with you.

Email – Don’t forget about a core (if not as sexy) tool that works well and is still a top source of content sharing. Develop an email newsletter to communicate with prospects and others interested in your content. The content you create for your email newsletter can be a jumping off point to create interesting blog posts, which can then include surveys or interactive content to transform a single piece of content into a discussion between you and your audience. In concert with other tools, it facilitates a continual cycle of engagement with your audience.

Syndication – Services that offer the potential of extended reach and content syndication are excellent resources that are often being too easily dismissed in my opinion due to the alleged “death of the press release.” Aside from the use of press release distribution services for trying to reach journalists, syndication will improve your reach to end-users and potentially appear in a number of locations and offers a number of share options for well written content that is relevant to your target audience. With the syndication you also have the opportunity to get your site in front of potential customers with anchor text links back to your own pages.

Consumers, across industries, expect greater personalization than ever before. Any singular content distribution channel will ultimately miss an important part of your target market. Take advantage of the communication tools available to create an experience that each user feels was made for them by taking the time to understand them and offer a variety of channels that fit their needs.

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  1. Avatar Black Seo Guy says

    Email marketing is old but it still work..people need to get their readers on their list so they can stay in reach..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Avatar Mark - worlds largest plr sell says

    I think you missed Articles? One of the best options for content sharing and publishing online! And I think these are 5 methods: Content sharing beyond Facebook..oh with articles included it will become 6-six 😉

  3. Avatar Marlee Ward says

    Thanks for noting slideshare Dave. I overlook that network myself, but I’ve never taken the time to research whether or not my audience hangs out there. It’s on my to-do list. Thanks!

  4. These are excellent recommendations in terms of strategy and use of applications to benefit your reach and diversity as a social media marketer. There are also a bunch of other social hubs like Tumblr, Identi.ca, Ning, and TypePad that house specific readers with diverse interests. The “big two” are great tools with tremendous reach, but they’re certainly not the only channels you should be tuned into.

    These strategies work, as I have integrated email newsletters and broadcast tools like Ping.fm and Onlywire to get my messages to lots of people in a little amount of time.

    • Absolutely David,
      The array of tools out there are so extensive now that we could write on specific tools and benefits for days. I think a good way to approach it is building a list of sharing options and then revisit the list to evaluate the best channels whenever you’re tackling a new program. It allows you to customize your strategy based on the audience and specific goals to ensure the right fit.

  5. That completely makes sense. You have a very good way of writing.

  6. Wow…fabulous tips. I was not aware of the other social sites. Thanks. Sometimes I think we all get caught up in Facebook and Twitter to the exclusion of other marketing avenues (even traditional ones).

    Tim Haan

  7. By syndication are you referring to sites and channels like eZine articles or Go Articles and other article exchange opportunities? To me this would include guest posting or being a regular contributor to a site that gets a good amount of traffic. There are a number of niche and target specific sites that allow you to submit articles that they post for their viewers. Examples that I’ve submitted to in the past include DivaToolbox, Divine Caroline, Careerealism and Employment Digest.

    • Hey Tai,
      There are definitely a number of ways to get your content out there and you mention a number of them. In terms of which ones fit, I think that varies depending on your audience. Ideally look for those options that will deliver your key messages and provide for links coming back into your site.

      And yes, guest posting or contributing to established sites works well too. It’s a smart way to expand your reach and drive traffic to your other content.

  8. I’ve been studying social networks for a while now and forgot about the basics… Thanks for reminding me

  9. thanks Dave… these are really very helpful strategies.. specially for people like me who don’t have much knowledge about these different sites. 🙂

  10. Love this post!

    You must have an integrated strategy. There must be a plan to engage your users and get the participation you need at your page to spread your content. If you plan only includes Facebook, or YouTube, or Twitter, then you are not leveraging your marketing resources well.

    Understanding your niche and who is talking about your type of products at the respective platforms is paramount for your product’s profits and performance. By using a multi-prong approach, connecting the dots between your website, a blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, and targeted your content strategically you can ensure that every dollar is being maximized.

  11. Blog and email have been huge for my business!

    Everything has been built upon them and they serve as excellent vehicles that not only allow you to share but to also build a relationship with your ideal customers and clients.

    It’s really hard to make a sale the first time someone visits your site, and if you anticipate this, you make sure that when first timers show up, they’re wowed. And then of course you proceed to educate them that A) You’re an authority and you know this topic they have a fear or frustration about… and B) On why it’d be a great idea for them to buy what you offer to get them where they want to be.

    Now to get my lazy butt using the other tools you suggested!!! Hahaha

  12. Reaching the right audience with your content and message is key. While Facebook is a valuable business communication tool, it shouldn’t be the only strategy that you use. Depending on what the message is, it’s best to utilize a combination of content distribution methods. For those that follow you on different platforms, it will only make the message that much more sticky.

    • The best results are indeed seen when you’re able to put together a well-developed plan that connects the pieces for your audience.

  13. Thanks Dave for this article – I’ve learnt a trick or two. I’m finding content sharing sites all the time and “SlideShare” is a new one I hadn’t come across before so thanks again. Any one reading this post try doing a google search on this keyword -> “Content Curation,” and see what you find.

  14. Very nice tips to follow…however, I still don’t feel that social media users are using e-mail marketing that effectively as they should. I personally feel that content featured in any monthly newsletter has to have a different treatment and approach compared to other platforms or mediums. Besides, there are several other elements that one has to take care while blasting newsletters to their subscribers (or target audience). There are lots of efforts involve in it…and most of the time, I have found organizations taking it very lightly. But otherwise, content is the King of social media…

  15. Thanks
    I do use one or two out of your all strategies disclosed:

  16. Avatar Antony Pratap says

    I agree with the Audience bit, else it’s a mere waste of time. Great post!

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