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Essentials of Integrating SEO & Social Media

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Social Media Optimization is Here to Stay

There’s a recent surge in the business press about incorporating social media and search or basically a more holistic approach to natural search optimization. While many popular biz pubs are catching on, bloggers and consultants like the team at TopRank Marketing have been covering the topic for a while.  To help marketers better understand the notion of holistic SEO outside of PageRank, meta tags and link building, here are several of our most popular posts and articles on making online marketing programs both search and social media friendly:

Social Media Optimization

How Does Social Media Affect Search Marketing? – This post answers key questions about social media and search engine marketing: Are they two peas in a pod, complementary or two very distinct channels? The answer lies in understanding searcher behaviors and how expectations have changed as part of the search and social networking experience.

social media optimization

16 Rules For Social Media Optimization Revisited – As social media has become a ubiquitous part of the online experience, it represents a new set of behaviors for consumers and marketers. The initial “rules” set forth in 2006 were revisited by Adam Singer to test their continued validity and you may be surprised at what he found.

Social SEO

4 Steps to Social Media SEO Success – “Simple and effective” sums up this post on incorporating SEO and Social Media: Listening, Content, Socialize and Measure. Too many companies make social media and certainly SEO more complex than it needs to be, bottlenecking progress. This 4 step approach makes social media SEO manageable, realistic and achievable.

social seo content marketing

B2B Online Marketing Trifecta: Content, Social Media & SEO – Long sales cycles and the influence of social recommendations reinforced by search visibility make a perfect integrated mix for B2B internet marketing. This post outlines how Optimized Content and Social Media participation work together to amplify online marketing results for B2B companies.

social media friendly

Is Your Website SEO and Social Media Friendly? – This guest post on Mashable brought to light the notion of social media features that can be added to websites to increase their attractiveness for engagement and sharing. Examples include: Fresh Content, Social Content, Interaction, Easy to Share and Syndication.  Shareable websites make it easy to attract attention to great content, which results in traffic and links. More relevant links mean better visibility in search engines which means even more traffic.


5 Social Media SEO & Analytics Tools Worth Checking Out – What good is undertaking a social media and SEO effort if you can’t measure results? Here’s a selection of tools that help visualize or package social media SEO data for insight. They include: reinvigorate which offers real-time web analytics with heat maps; TwentyFeet dashboard which aggregates social stats from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and bit.ly; SocialFlow which posts messages during your audience’s most receptive time periods, measures CTR, retweets and followers; Ontolo which is an advanced link building tool; InfluenceFinder which is another link building tool that coordinates with Majestic SEO.

11 Free Tools for Social Media Optimization – Social media sharing and interaction creates content that can be crawled by search engines. That means it can be optimized for better visibility within search, attracting new members to your social networks and blog. Here are 11 free tools that come in pretty handy for testing the waters and measuring optimized social media content.

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    On this list you pretty much have a complete marketing plan for your business, what to do and what no to. All you need to do is be persistent and track roi.

    • How can I disagree with a comment like that? Just wish we knew your real name. 🙂

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        • Nice to meet you. Am writing a fresh commenting policy about people using names, company names, handles and keywords in their comments here. There’s a lot of interest amongst our readers to connect with people vs. things.

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  6. how would you maxmize on promoting your product using social sites, if its software then lead them to a site like what we did with tsheets, but what about in hardware? like tshirts and stuff?

    • You fish where the fish are. It’s not about the products, it’s about what the customers want. Find out and give it to them when, where and how they want it.

  7. These are very good resource links. Sometimes I am amazed when I visit a site, like what I see, go to find their facebook or twitter link, and I have to search for it. It is unfortunate as it is much more convenient to read a new post when found in my social media feed, rather than bookmarking their site and re-visiting. I would imagine these sites lose readers simply because they don’t have their social media profile links visible.

    • Great point Carissa. I’ve had the same experience. People expect those features on websites and consumers will spend more time with sites that give them what they want.

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    I’ve been encouraging clients to integrate social and search to amplify their results for a while now so its great to see others doing the same! 

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  12. Good article Lee. Now that Klout has added the +1 Button to is algo and G+ seems to have turned the corner from being 99% techno crowd to more mainstream, I am trying to figure out if / when social seo will rival or replace conventional seo?

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