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Understanding B2B Social Media Through Infographics

B2B social mediaIt’s a persistent question: Is social media and networking appropriate for B2B marketing?  There are many ways to answer that question and one of the most engaging is through statistics and information presented as an infographic. My team knows I’m a big fan of using visual assets to persuade and I’ve been a fan of information graphics since XPLANE’s amazing work started appearing in popular business magazines years ago.

Besides using infographics to explain social media in the B2B space, there are a growing number of B2B marketers using infographics in their mix, such as this case study about Cisco.

Here are 5 useful B2B social media marketing infographics that help tell the tale of social media and B2B marketing working together. Click on each image for the large version.

B2B Social Media Landscape

B2B Social Media Landscape – If it was possible to simply open the window of the CEO’s office on the 18th floor and look out onto the B2B social media landscape, this is what you would see according to Elearning Examples.

Social Media Statistics B2B

Social Media Facts & Figures for B2B Sales – Understanding Fortune 100 social media involvement can be motivating for small companies looking for direction and leadership in their online marketing. This infographic shares a number of those stats including the most popular social media sites for generating B2B website traffic.

Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business

Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business – B2B Marketers love process as much as anyone, so this infographic from GETIT COMMS offers 14 steps on a B2B social media journey from establishing goals to measurement.

LinkedIn 100 Million Members

100 million members and counting – The “go to” B2B social network of choice for over 100 million professionals is of course, LinkedIn.  This infographic celebrates key statistics and milestones for LinkedIn that are worth a look. Did you know Brazil is the fastest growing market for LinkedIn? Or, did you know that Service, Finance and High Tech are the most represented industry sectors on LinkedIn. Last but not least, someone is hiring a “Martini Whisperer” on LinkedIn.

Do's & Dont's of Social Media for Business

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business – They say common sense is the least common thing and by the looking at the behavior of many brands on the social web, it’s easy to agree. This infographic spells out behaviors for B2B marketers on the social web that are pretty much common sense for individuals. The problem is, brands often forget the human aspect of social media, so these tips are worth revisiting.

For even more B2B and business social media infographics, check out this handy list of B2B infographics on Marketo’s blog (client).

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  1. These are all awesome – and will definitely be useful when having the “social” conversation with some of the companies I work with. Some people just need the visuals! Thanks so much for sharing them 🙂

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  6. Some really nice infographics. While many believes that Social Media is effective only in case of B2C, it can greatly benefit B2B organizations. LinkedIn is one great tool every business should integrate with their Social Media tactics.


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    Great post! Infographics are such a clear way to communicate stats and best practices. Very useful. Check out the below link for some more B2B marketing infographics. You might recognize the InsideView one 😉


  8. Great post…I think infographics work just as well with B2B companies because when it comes down to it, presentation is often the most convincing way of showing data, doesn’t matter if it’s a company communicating with a consumer or a business trying to promote a service to other businesses. I think the visual appeal of infographics is persuasive in many areas of business.

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    Great post – cool examples. Thanks for sharing it. Here is another infografic about social media strategy process. http://sobizco.com/index.php/2011/03/30/social-media-strategy-infographic/

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  17. Well popularity of social media has increased a lot. Social media is indeed good to market your business and to get traffic as well. You can increase your sales also with this.